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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 3  1860  page 36

On Anglo-Saxon Remains Discovered Recently in various Places in Kent continued

What description could possibly have conveyed a correct notion of the elaborate ornamentation of the jewellery and horse decorations which are the subjects of the plates referred to?
   On the present occasion, when I am called upon to address you and the Society, an ample and faithful supply of illustrations again relieve me of disquietude in suspecting I may fail in making myself fully understood in pointing out those minute details forming the characteristics upon which correct classification is founded. I only regret, that from the accidental manner in which the objects now under consideration were brought to light, we are deprived of the circumstantial evidence so important to the scientific inquirer. In such fortuitous discoveries, however, the chances are so many in favour of the melting-pot, and so few on the side of the archaeologist, that we may congratulate ourselves in having secured an examination of what has been saved, 

although valuable links in the chain of testimony are wanting.
   The digging at Lullingstone and the railway-cutting at Eynesford have evidently intersected two distinct Saxon burial-places. From the latter locality I have seen only the umbo of a shield; but abundant evidence has been given of the finding of weapons and ornaments, and also an enameled bowl, from description, resembling that in the possession of Sir Percival Hart Dyke, which constitutes the subject of Plate I. The workmen, as usual, concealed the more valuable objects, and took them, either whole or broken up, to the neighbouring towns for sale. The bowl alluded to, I am informed, was taken to Dartford.
   The Sarre remains, represented in Plates II., III., and IV., were discovered under circumstances purely accidental, for the particulars of which we are indebted to Mr. John Brent. The fifth plate of the series given in this volume contains a further selection from the collection

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