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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 55


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number of plea rolls of the Castle-gate Court, and a very large quantity of the Castle muniments and accounts. 
   There is also at Surrenden an agreement between Sir Edward and other eminent antiquaries of the day, in which they constitute themselves a "Society of Antiquaries," and draw up rules for their government. It is in the autograph of Sir Edward Bering, as follows:
       '' Antiquitas Rediviva.
Att a chapter held ye first of May, Ano Dni 638, by the [Schollers] Students of Antiquity whose names are underwritten, itt was agreed, and concluded upon, to hold, keepe, and with best credite to preserve these articles following, viz.:
   "1. Imprimis, That every one do helpe and further each others studyes and endeavours, by imparting and communicating (as time and other circumstances may permitt) all such bookes, notes, deedes, rolles, etc., as he hath; for ye expediting whereof, and that each may knowe what to borowe of other, for his best use and behoofe, itt is first concluded and promised eache to send unto other a prfect inventory and catalogue of all
such notes, bookes, collections, etc., as they now have.
   " 2. Item, That no prson of this society do shewe or otherwise make knowen this or any ye like future agreement, nor call in, nor promise to call in, any other person to this society, w'hout a particular consent first had of all this present society.
   " 3. Item, That every one do severally gather all observable collections wch he can, concerning ye foundation of any religious house, or castle, or publicke worke, and all memorable notes for historical!, illustration of this kingdome; or yo geneologicall honour of any family therein: especially concerning ye countyes of Kent, Huntingdon, Northampton, and "Warwicke: and yo same to communicate unto such of this society who is
most interessed therein.
   "4. Item, That every one do carefully and faythfully observe and recorde all persons which have beene dignifyed with ye title of knighthood, with a breife of yo time, place, county, etc., yo same to be disposed into such methode as att ye next consultation shall be agreed upon.
   " 5. Item, That every one do endeavour to borrowe of other strangers, with whom he hath interest, all such bookes, notes,

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