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1792 Fulljames Survey of Ash next Ridley

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Introduction to the Survey - In 1792 a survey of the the parish of Ash was carried out by T. Fulljames of Orpington. Contained in a folio volume are a magnificent series of maps (20" X 28") made at a scale of four chains to the inch (20" to the mile) all in colour. The book includes an index of names, a schedule of the 92 holdings, with the acreages and modes of cultivation of more than 600 parcels of land, and a summary of the totals of monies paid in lieu of tithe in kind. It finishes with a detailed perambulation of the bounds of the parish. The book, catalogue number P8/28/1 is now in the Medway Archives at Strood, Kent. See Chapter 12 of A Downland Parish by W.F. Proudfoot

The Schedule  Part 1  Pages 1-15 (115KB)  Part 2  Pages 16-30 (115KB)  Part 3  Pages 31-44  (107KB)
    With names of landowners, occupiers, fieldnames and field uses with acreages      Owners & Occupiers

A Perambulation of the Parish - a detailed description of the parish boundaries

The Maps  T. Fulljames drew a map of the land of each owner of the parish, and arranged these on a total of 37 pages. Some pages have just the land of one owner, while others where the holdings are smaller have a number of owners. Each field shown, has a different letter identifying the owner, with a number for each field. Fulljames started with capital letters A-Z &c, then lower case a-z, then lower case in gothic script and finished with capital letters in italics A-N.  In the transcription of the schedule, the map identifying letters have been converted to the following. 
Capital letters A-Z &c prefixed by 1, lower case prefixed by 2, gothic lower case by 3, capital italics by 4.
   By the kind permission of the staff at Medway Archives, the book of maps was photographed using a digital camera.  This has lead to a small amount of distortion around the edges of some maps, and is particularly noticeable when the individual maps are combined into a mosaic. The individual maps are displayed at their actual size at a scale
of four chains to the inch (20" to the mile). Although some of them measure as much as 63 x 48 cms, they are displayed at a resolution of 72dpi which keeps the file sizes relatively small, the largest being 178kb.

Folio Volume
Map 1 
Map 2  1C
Map 3  1D,1E,1F,1G,1H
Map 4  1I,1K,1L,1M
Map 5  1N,1O
Map 6 
Map 7  1Q,1R,1S,1T
Map 8  1U,1V

Map 9  1W
Map 10
Map 11
Map 12 
Map 13  2A,2B,2C,2D,2E
Map 14  2F,2G,2H
Map 15  2I,2J,2K
Map 16  2L
Map 17  2M,2N
Map 18  2O,2P,2Q

Map 19  2R
Map 20
Map 21
Map 22  3A,3B,3C
Map 23  3D,3E,3F,3G
Map 24  3H
Map 25  3I
Map 26  3K
Map 27  3L
Map 28  3M

Map 29  3N
Map 30
Map 31
Map 32  3S,3T
Map 33  3U,3V
Map 34  3W,3X,3Y,3Z
Map 35  4A,4B,4C
Map 36  4D,4E,4F,4G,4H
Map 37  4I,4J,4K,4L,4M,4N
Location of Maps in Ash

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Whilst every care has been taken in transcribing information from old records which in themselves are prone to error or
 misinterpretation, visitors to this site need to recognise that there will be errors. Visitors who wish to verify information
contained in this site should access the 1792 Fulljames Survey which is held at the Medway Archives

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