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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 25  Page 537

WILLIAM STEEL,  Will 1 December 1371

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WILLIAM STEEL, clerk. To be buried in the parish church where I shall happen to die. I leave for my exequies 20 marcs. I wish to have around my corpse five wax tapers and six torches and not more. I leave to the fabric (fabrice) of the church of Cotyngham (Yorks) 20 marcs. To the fabric of the church of Chyuenyng 10s., of the the church of Great Dodyngton (Northants) 40s., of Clist St. George (Devon) 20s. I wish that six thousand masses be celebrated for my soul, and for the souls of my father, mother and Sir Thomas Despaigne and all faithful departed as soon as it can be done and that two chaplains be found to celebrate for my soul in the church of Cotyngham and also where I am buried. I will that a man be arranged for to go on pilgrimage to St. James for me. I wish that six wax tapers each of a lb and a half be found in fifteen churches burning in honour of St. Nicholas. I leave to twenty poor men and women who cannot work each a gown of ‘Blankete’ and I will that six of of them have each 6d. a week in the first year after my death if it can be done. 
I leave to Master Ralph Steel my kinsman £40 for his sustentation ‘ad scolas’ and all my books which he now has in his possession, a bed, a breviary, a silver cup with cover and six spoons. To Johanne Deuienissh my kinswoman 20 marcs and each of her children 20s. To Katherine my sister 100s. To John Steel 5 marcs, Cecilie Despaigne 40s., and a silver cup. I leave to Nicholas Despaigne my better missal, my better breviary, a red vestment with a towel, a chalice and "unum argentum deauratum and amelatum" (? what) and £10. To Sir Walter Pouer 5 marcs and a gilt cup, Sir Thomas Clement 20s., Brother Richard Horewel 20s., Sir John rector of the church of Cherleton 40s., William Gilderng my chamberlain a green bed and 40s., John de Wy my chamberlain the bed in which I lie and 20s., Walter Spiter 5 marcs. To each of my servants at Charleton (Northants) 40d. To four of my servants at Sutton each half a marc. To Henry Barnet clerk 20s., William Sutton clerk 20s., Sir Richard rector of the church of Karleton 20s. Executors: Walter Pouer clerk, Nicholas Espaigne clerk, Ralph Steel clerk and William parson of the church of Charleton. Dated at Charleton 1 December 1371. 
Proved 2 January at Otteford by Ralph Steel clerk and Sir William rector of the church of Charleton. (The identification of the places mentioned is given in Mr. J. Challenor Smith’s Index which adds "He was Archdeacon of Totnes 1359 to 1371 when he exchanged the archdeaconry for the benefice of Sutton Courtney Berks). (120b Wytleseye).

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