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Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan - Book 15 page 457

 Henry Wyatte - Will 1537

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7. Crumwell

Sir Henry Wyatte of Alington (Allington) in Kent Knight. To be buryed in the churche of Mylton (Milton) besyds Gravesende nere unto Dame Anne my wyfe. I will that ther be no pompe nor vagne glorye hadd in or aboute my saide buriall. Also I will that my channtry at Mylton do contynew stande and abyde according to suche estatuts ordyn- anncs and rules the whiche I have ordeyned and made conteyned and specified in the boke of the Fundacon of the same channtry.
   I will that Thomas my sonne do by his deade sufficiannt in the lawe ensure and make ever unto the same channtry preests and to their successours all suche landes and tenements lying in the Counties of Kent and Essex of the whiche the same Channtry prestes now perceyve and take the profutes.
   Also I will and charge Thomas my sonne that he by his severall dedys sufficent in the lawe do grannte unto every of my servunts whose names nearafter so followe for the good and faythfull servuce the whiche they heretofore have done unto me and also for the good and faythfull servuce the whiche they shall hereafter do unto the saide Thomas my sonne duringe his lyfe suche severall Fees as hereafter do ensue To be hadd unto every of them for terme of their lyves that is to saye unto Gervace Franke onne yerely annutie or fee of tenne markes, George Multon foure marks, to Cristofer Dyconson 40s, Edward Westbye 20s, John Gavell 20s, Edward Tatersall 20s, Arthur Loffekyne 40s, John Mors the baillyewike the whiche he now occupiethe for terme of his lyfe yeldinge unto the same Thomas a trewe accompte yerely of the same.
   I will the same Thomas that he content and paie unto Henry Gayvell during the lyfe of ----- mother of the saide Henry fyve markes towardes the findinge of the same Henry. Also that he paie unto Henry Lee yerely duringe his nonage 10 and in lykewyse unto Robert Lee his brother duringe his nonage yerely 10 marks towards and for to fynde them to scole.
   Also that he by his lyke dede do grannte unto Walter Hendley gent for his good counsell to me gevyn and for his counsell unto the same Thomas to be geven one yerely annuytie or fee of fyve marks duringe his lyf.
   I make the right honorable Thomas lorde Crumwell, Thos Wyatt my sonne and heire and Walter Hendley gent my extours and I geve and bequeth unto the same Lorde Crumwell one cupp with myn armes uppon yt humbly beseching the said lorde Cromwell to accepte the same for a smale and apoure remembrannce and that it will please hym to see this my present testament executed and performed. Also unto the saide Walter Hendley one cuppe with myn armes on yt for a lyke remembrannce.
   Probate 21 Feb 1537 by Thome Wyatt exor resd power to others.

   In Feb 1559 adm. to Edward Warner Knt. and Dame Elizabeth his wife de bonis non. Deinde 17 Julii 1576 com funt consimiles ad. Georgio Wyat px. consans dict def de bonis non. p. Edwardum Warner and Elizabeth ux enis and am def.

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