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Smallhythe  TQ8930  - Visual Records   To view individual pictures click on the thumbnail picture.

 SMALLHYTHE - PETR332.JPG (13243 bytes)        
Church 1809      
 11 Church from the south.jpg (110473 bytes)  12 Church fron the northwest.jpg (83516 bytes)  13 Gravestones to the north.jpg (138962 bytes)  14 Gravestones to the east.jpg (187076 bytes) 15 Gravestones to the east.jpg (170545 bytes)

16 Church from the northeast.jpg (107378 bytes) 17 Church from the southeast.jpg (120704 bytes) 18 Gravestone of R.MASTERS.jpg (113127 bytes) 19 Gravestone of Sarah KING 1877.jpg (132042 bytes) 20 South door of church.jpg (162974 bytes)

21 West door of church.jpg (134743 bytes) 22 WWI Memorial.jpg (118069 bytes) 23 WWI Memorial.jpg (77339 bytes)

     See article by on Smallhythe Church by Rev Francis Haslewood in Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14  1882

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