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Sandwich  TR1358  - Visual Records   To view individual pictures click on the thumbnail picture.

 SANDWICH, St Clement PETR315.JPG (19054 bytes) SANDWICH, St Mary the Virgin  PETR316.JPG (16520 bytes)   SANDWICH, St Peter  PETR317.JPG (18112 bytes)  SANDWICH, St Bartholomew Chapel  PETR318.JPG (17978 bytes)  
St Clement
Church 1807
St Mary the Virgin
Church 1807
St Peter
Church 1807
 St Bartholomew
Chapel 1807
 KD3-046 St Clement's Church, Sandwich.JPG (24271 bytes)        
 St Clement
Church 180
 KD3-045 Sandwich, Winsborough Gate.JPG (21036 bytes)  KD3-047 Sandwich, Fisher Gate.JPG (17586 bytes)    
 Winsborough Gate Fisher Gate       

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