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    St Mary's Church (ruin), Chapel Bank TQ927/295 
        For history of St Mary's Church, Ebony and successor see Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 100 - 1984
          For excavations on site see
Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 110 - 1992

EBONY - Church - Petr123.jpg (9622 bytes)  02.jpg (483121 bytes)  03.jpg (520199 bytes)   Leland Duncan's 
Churchyard M.I.'s
Chapel 1807
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    Reading Street Chapel

11 Reading St Chapel, Ebony from SW.jpg (95654 bytes) 12 Gravestones to the S.jpg (172202 bytes) 13 Gravestones to the S.jpg (147694 bytes) 14 H.J. COLEY 1943.jpg (134356 bytes) 15 S.W. BEADLE 1959.jpg (146593 bytes)

16 Chapel from the S.jpg (157145 bytes) 17 Chapel from east.jpg (168574 bytes) 18 East window in entrance porch.jpg (124101 bytes) 19 Chapel from the north.jpg (112395 bytes) 20 Chapel from the north.jpg (108891 bytes)

21 WWI Memorial on W end.jpg (128423 bytes) 22 H.T. CROUCHER 1902.jpg (140150 bytes)

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