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Woolwich Churchyard M.I.'s - Introduction  

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     A  transcription of Vol's 4 & 5 of Leland. L. Duncan's manuscript notebook of Monumental Inscriptions
 for St Mary's Church, Woolwich
  Typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Due to the size of the listings, over 800 individual M.I.'s, and the very detailed index compiled by
 Margaret Broomfield, Woolwich is sub-divided into four pages. Just click on the link below for:-

   Index of Names 115KB Index of Places etc 32KB

M.I.'s 1 to 450  117KB 

M.I.'s 455 to 903 117KB   

   Duncan's entries in his distinctive bold handwriting give no clue as to when the M.I.'s were recorded at the churchyard. However in sorting through some of his correspondence that survives, a letter to L.L. Duncan on 3rd March 1893 from a Mr Norman gives a suggestion as to when the survey was carried out

 I am sure that you will appreciate the amount of time and effort that has been put into typing up, indexing and preparing Leland L. Duncan's manuscript for the Internet.  If you have found it useful in your research,  please let me know on . This will give us useful feedback for when we are trying to convince other members of the Kent Archaeological Society that this Website is performing a useful service.

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