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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Waltham Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1.  [Arg. 2 pales sa. each charged with 3 pins or.].This Coat is on a Flat Stone in ye Middle of The Church, ye Inscription is *almost gone. But it appears to have been in Memory of one Basil BEACON who died in 1638. I find by ye Register, that he was Vicar of this Parish from ye Year 1610 to his Death. (*The Inscription for Mr Beacon, I find, after much Pains, to be as follows: Here lyeth ye Body of Mr Basil Beacon, a zealous Preacher of God’s Word, here and elsewhere full 50 Years. And neere unto this Place lyeth his only Wife Ann: his Age 80 Years; hers 70. He died March 16 1638/9. She March 10 1637/8.) Thos His Age was long, his Strength near gone/ His Grief most sharp scarce ceasing/ Yet himself profest, he then was best / When in ye Pulpit preaching.

[Arg. a Λ counterembattled, & gutte de sang betw. 3 seahorses(?) or.].This Coat is on a Flat Stone in ye Middle of ye Church near ye West Door. for Mr Thomas TUCKER of Grandacre In this Parish who died in 1727. (A farm in S.W. of psh. Parsons, 123 (July 23 1790) says ob. Oct.28 1727, aged 79).

3. There are no other Tombs or Monuments whatever in this Church.

4. This Church, consists of a Chancell and Nave, which are divided by ye Belfry, wch. has a low Spire
(now gone, Tower looks reblt. at top, perhaps c.1760, e.g. like Petham), with 4 Small Bells, wch. appear to have been founded in 1631, by Joseph HATCH.

5. The Windows, if one may judge from ye Small Remains of them, have been very Beautifull – In one of them is ye Coat annex’d.
[Arg. a cross gu].

6. (OnTwo small Pieces of Broken Glass, in the Largest North Window of The Body of The Church (in small Roman Capitals) is this Inscription: GEORGIVS HENEAGEVS DE *HAINTON.
*At Hainton, in Lincolnshire, is a very Ancient Family of the Nae of HENEAGE. The above Inscription is, since my Visitation of this Church (viz. 1756) broken out and lost 1764).

7. The Arch. Bishop, and Sr. John HONEYWOOD, present alternately to this Vicarage and That of Petham, wch. is united to it. The Church is dedicated to St. Bartholomew. The present Vicar is ye Revd. Dr. Thomas RANDOLPH, President of Corpus Christi College in Oxford, and also Rector of Saltwood and Hythe, viz. 1756
(added in fainterink).

8. Names of the Vicars – taken from ye Register – wch. begins in 1538 (when Registers were first order’d to be kept by CROMWELL – about the 29th of HENRY THE 8TH.
David PHILLIPS, Vicar, was married 17 April 1598.
George WHITE appears to have been Vicar to 1610.
Basil BEACON to 1638/9 when he was buried in ye Church
(ob. 16 Mar).
Robert WHITE inducted in 1638
(probly. error for 1639).
William COURT was Parson in 1645.
Edward POTKIN, Vicar, was buried 24 June 1651 at Waltham.
John BOYS (or BOOYS) Vicar of Waltham, was married 19 Nov. 1651.
Norton KNATCHBULL sign’s himself Vicar in 1660. See ye old Regr. F.75.
John HONEYWOOD from about 1692 to 1737 when he was buried at Petham.
Dr Thomas RANDOLPH inducted in 1737.

Index of Names and Places

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Hainton, Lincolnshire 6
Hythe 7
Petham 7
Saltwood 7
   Grandacre 2

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