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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Staple Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice 16th & 17th May 1892

                                             Pages 41 to 49 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions of Staple Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759

1. Ledger in floor of nave – West end Here lieth the body of Mr. John SILKWOOD of ys parish who departed this life the 9th day of December 1755 aged 55 years. Here also lieth ye body of Mary his wife daughter of Mr. Richard Terry and Mary his wife of ys parish she departed this life ye 28th Day of December 1753 aged 60 years. (much worn)

2. Ledger – adjoining the foregoing Here lieth the body of Mr. John SILKWOOD the son of Mr. John Silkwood and Mary his wife who departed this life the 10 Day of May 1754 aged 22 years. (much worn)

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
In the North Chapel
3. Blue marble ledger. 3 leopards (or wolves) rampant imp a chevron erm between 3 unicorns heads. Crest a leopard (or wolf) ….. arms – rubbed Here lies Sarah ye daughter of Francis HEAD of Rochester Esq. and wife of John Lynch of Groves …….. by whom she had 19 children 11 of which survived her, viz: Sarah, Rebecca, Judeth, John, Ann, George, Katharine, Gratian, Frances, Richard Head. She died November ye 18th 1710.

4.? On a stone adjoining on the South is the brass of a civilian? circa 1500 manuscript lost.

5. Mural monument on N wall of North aisle. White marble tablet above it a pyramidal shaped piece of grey marble and on it a draped urn cut in relief and above the urn a shield of arms viz, quarterly argent and gules 4 crescents, counter charged impailing azure 3 lions or leopards ….. a greyhound sitting under a tree.
Near this place are deposited the remains of the Rev. William TATTON DD prebendary of York and Canterbury, Rector of Rotherfield in the County of Sussex and of St. Dionis Backchurch in London. Son of Lieut. G’nrl Tatton of Willinshaw in the County of Chester. He died February 11th 1782 aged 62 years. Also of Sarah his wife second daughter of the Revd. J. Lynch DD Dean of Canterbury who died May 1st 1777 aged 45 years. And of William Tatton their son who died April 22nd 1775 aged 12 years. Catherine Elizabeth wife of J.D. Brockman of Beachborough in the County of Kent, Esquire has caused this tablet to be erected to the memory of her revered parents and affectionate brother.

6. Oval white marble tablet S wall of North chapel Here lyes Grace daughter of ye Reverend John SQUIER late Rector of Barns near London by Grace his wife the oldest daughter of Mr. John Lynch of Groves in this parish where she was born November 24th 1652 and died at Harietsham in this County February the 12th 1664 at the age of 12 years.

7. Large mural monument on E wall of North chapel, medallion portrait above. Arms at base
Sacred to the memory of Sr. William LYNCH who died on the twenty fifth day of August AD MDCCLXXXV.

Copied by ?ARB
8. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth wife of George COZENS, late of this parish who departed this life 5th October 1859 aged 28 years.

9. HS E of church To the memory of Frances WOODWARD the daughter of Matthew and Sarah Woodward who departed this life on the 15th July 1834 aged 26 years. Also of Mr. John Matthews (sic) who died March 3rd 1841 aged 79 years.

10. HS Winged cherub’s, in the centre an urn In memory of Matthew WOODWARD late of this parish who departed this life the 1st of January 1795 aged 62 years. Also of Mary the wife of the above said Matthew Woodward who departed this life the 2nd of June 1794 aged 57 years. They left surviving 2 sons and 2 daughters (viz) Richard, Matthew, Mary and Susanna. Also Elizabeth daughter of the above said Matthew and Mary Woodward who died 26th of July 1792 aged 24 years. Also of Mary wife of Dilnott Eastes late of Burgate, Canterbury who died 16th of June 1810 aged 40 years.

11. HS on N side of churchyard (2 sculls, 2 bones, 2 hourglasses above) Here lieth the body of Richard Deveson son of John Deveson of this parish and Susanna his wife. He died March 18th 1728/9 in ye 25 years of his age. [There are other Davison’s and several to Davison of Eastry]

12. HS Within NE side of churchyard (2 sculls, 2 pair of bones, 2 hourglasses) Here lieth the body of Elizabeth RIGDEN wife of William Rigden of ye parish of St. Paul near and without the City of Canterbury who died of the confluent smallpox September 18th 1737 and was buried the 21st aged 41. Sleep on my dear I do you prise and death will close my weeping eys the time will come when we shall see each other blest and happy be.

13. HS 2 sculls Here lieth ye body of William RIGDEN late of ye parish of St. Paul’s near ye City of Canterbury. He died December ye 8th 1748 aged 50 years.

14. Sacred to the memory of Ann wife of Vincent DAVISON late of Littlebourne. She departed this life the 4th of November 1815 aged 31 years. Left surviving one son viz, Alexander.

15. HS cherub’s head above (E of church) In memory of Elizabeth PETMAN wife of William Petman of this parish she died 18 September 1780 aged 32 years. Left surviving two children Elizabeth and Martha. Also of the above said William Petman, yeoman, died June 14 1816 aged 64 years.

16. High tomb with "arms" E and W sides festoons of flowers, fruit and scull manusc. on top, indecipherable.

17. HS North West of church Sacred to the memory of Joseph RYE who departed this life the 16th of July 1814 aged 62 years. Also of Sarah wife of the above who died the 28th of September 1833 aged 89 years.

The following 4 HS are on the SW side of church.
18. HS 2 sculls and hourglass, 2 little sculls at end, a scythe and pick behind the hourglass Here lieth ye body of Joana WOODWARD wife of William Woodward late of this parish who died May 16th 1731 aged 76 years. She was daughter of John Bax of ys parish.

19. HS 2 sculls, bones etc. Here lieth ye body of William WOODWARD late of this parish who died December 30th 1730 aged 88 years.

20. HS winged cherub In memory of Leonard WOODWARD son of William and Joanna Woodward late of this parish who died May 2 1770 in the 84 year of his age.

21. HS winged cherub To the memory of William WOODWARD late of this parish who died the 11th of October 1774 aged 70 years. Also of Ann his wife who died August 4th 1790 aged 70.

22. This, and the following HSS are SE of church. HS with scull, hourglass, scythe, trumpet above
In memory of John WOODWARD late of this parish who died the 13th of September 1772 aged 53 years.

23. HS near the foregoing, ornamentation, open book Here lieth the body of Susanna WOODWARD spinster late of the parish of Northbourne who died the 8th of February 1783 aged 73 years. Also near this place lieth the bodys of Robert Bax and Elizabeth his wife late of this parish. He died 25th of July 1763 aged 54 years. She died the 23rd of February 1777 aged 74 years. Draw near you mortals, read and lend a tear we once mortals was as now you are, go them thy way consider that you must ere long like us, return to silent dust.

24. HS (fallen forward) SW of church In memory of Leonard WOODWARD yeoman late of the parish of Northbourne who departed this life the 8th of November 1795 aged 70 years. When this you see remember me and bear me in your mind. Let all the world say what they will speak of me as you find. Also within thees (sic) rails lie 3 brothers of the above. And also John and Elizabeth Woodward, father and mother of the above children.

25. HS In memory of John HATCHER late of this parish who died March 25 1811 aged 53 years.

26. Early "Dale" stones near the church porch.

27. HS Two winged cherub’s heads In memory of Alexander HAYMAN of Deal who died the 7th of November 1794 aged 46 years.

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
28. HS North of church In memory of Mary HARVEY, spinster late of ye Town of Sandwich who died the 22 of March 1802 aged 75 years. In thy fair book of life diverse my God inscribe my name. There let it fill some humble place, beneath the slaughtered lamb.

29. HS North West of church Sacred to the memory of Mary MUNNS spinster late of this parish who died the 6th February 1832 aged 68 years.

30. HS South of last Sacred to the memory of Hannah MARTIN of this parish who died 19 of March 1825 aged 68 years. Also near this place lieth the remains of John Martin husband of the above. [blank] (sic)

31. HS NW of church In memory of Thomas MUNDS (sic) late of this parish who died 2nd of June 1799 aged 67 years. Also Mary Munds wife of the above who died December 31st 1798 aged 45 years. She left surviving one son (viz) William. All you that pass this way along behold our days are past and gone. God will not always warning give therefore be carefull how you live.

32. HS South of last In memory of William MUNDS son of Thomas and Mary Munds late of this parish who departed this life 20th November 1831 aged 59 years.

33. HS South West of church, crossbones in centre and on either side a scull resting upon a bone Here lieth ye body of Elizabeth wife of William TERRY of Norborn (sic) and daughter of Henry and Sarah Woodcock of this parish. She died February 17 1756/7 in ye 35 year of her age.

34. HS South of church In memory of Mr. John GREENSTREET yeoman, late of Twilham [?Twil] in the parish of Wingham who departed this life October 19 1794 aged 77 years. Also Susanna his wife who departed this life January 23 1801 aged 76 years.

35. Large high tomb, S of church (on the top only) Here lieth interr’d the body of Elizabeth HARRISON widdow, eldest daughter of Stephen Hatcher of ys parish. She had 2 husbands the first was John hills of the parish of Reckelver (Reculver) the other John Harrison of Woodnessburrough (Woodnesborough) who went to live at Sandwich where he died. She died November 3rd 1724 aged 65 years.

36. Large high stone tomb close to and to the N of last. Two pannels on each side – those on the S side falling out, inscription on top only. Here lieth interr’d ye body of Elizabeth wife of William Hatcher of the City of Canterbury and daughter of William Sharp of ye said City. She departed this life October ye 16th 1717 aged 33 years. Underneath lies the body of Henry HATCHER late of the City of Canterbury son of Henry Hatcher of this parish who died 21st of August 1776 aged 54 years. Also Mary, wife of William son of the above Henry Hatcher who died December 22 1804 aged 57 years.

37. HS Cherub’s head above (loose, against the last tomb) In memory of Henry HATCHER son of Henry and Elizabeth Hatcher of the City of Canterbury. He died March 18th 1767 in the 12 year of his age.

38. Large high tomb of red brick to SW of the two Hatcher tombs above Here lieth the body of Stephen HATCHER of this parish who departed this life, the 23 day of November 1700 aged 85 years. Here lieth the body of Laurance Hatcher son of Stephen Hatcher who departed this life the 28 day of January 1711 aged 53 years. Here also lyeth interr’d the body of Jane wife of the above Laurance Hatcher. She died January the 30 1742 aged 84 years.

39. 3 low brick tombs near the above apparently of 17th century date inscriptions not decipherable.

40. HS South of church In memory of Stephen HATCHER who departed this life 8 of January 1811 aged 59 years.

41. HS South of church – two sculls and hourglass, at top Here lyeth the body of Thomas TERRY son of Ralph and Margaret Terry who departed this life November ye 26 1730 aged 19 years.

42. HS to the E or S of last x crossbones and 2 sculls at top Here lieth buried the body of Edward RIGDEN late of this parish who died May 15 1733 aged 73 years.

43. High tomb – sides falling out – to S of church (close to Terry) Inscription on the top – a scull within a wreath and under it Here lyeth the body of Margaret daughter of Mr. William GIBBS and wife of Mr. Ralph Terry at Knolton (Knowlton) in the County of Kent by whom he had ten children 8 of which survived her viz. 4 sons and 4 daughters. She was devout in the service of God and discreet in ye government of her family, an obedient and loving wife, a carefull and indulgent mother, a friendly and desirable neighbour, lamented by all yf had any relation to her or acquaintance with her. She dyed on ye 14 day of September in the year of our Lord 1713 her age 43. Here lyeth also the body of the said Ralph Terry who departed this life march ye 30 1752 aged 82 years.

44. Large HS South of chancel – 2 cherub’s heads and hourglass, at top In memory of Elizabeth wife of Alexander HAYMAN who died the 14th of October 1796 aged 43 years. Also William Harrison HAYMAN son of the above Alexander Hayman who died May 11th 1803 aged 21 months.

45? For Alexander Hayman see back

19 May 1892
46. HS In loving memory of George COZENS born March 31st 1817 died March 7th 1891. Art thou weary – art thou languid, art thou sore distrest? "Come to me", saith one – "and coming be at rest!"

47. White Latin cross on 2 steps HIS in gold on N side of churchyard. Inscribed in a circle (in R. caps)
In ever loving memory of Constance Lucy second and beloved daughter of James and Emma SANSOM who died February 17 1891 aged 14 years and 11 months. He gathers the lambs in his arms. On one side of the curb "Dearly loved" on the other "Deeply mourned".

48. (All R. caps) In memory of DANIEL, son of Edward and Sarah COZENS of this parish died 4th April 1840 aged 34 years. Also the above named Edward Cozens died 9th September 1844 aged 71 years. Also Elizabeth wife of George Cozens died 7th March 1850. Also the above named Sarah Cozens died 15th September 1863 aged 89 years.

17 May 1892
All the following HSS close to the South porch
49. HS Here lieth the body of Mr. John DALE of this parish who died the 14th of January 1728 in the 63 year of his age he had by Mary his wife 15 children 8 of which survive viz. Mary, Edward, Jane, Ino……, E…….b, E……ez, Richard, Susan (sunk). This HS has 2 sculls 2 crossbones to each and a heart between.

50. HS ugly winged scull and crossbones Here lieth the body of John son of Mr. John DALE died the 20th of October 1730 in the 27th year of his age and died a bachelor. Here also lieth the body of Elizabeth Dale aged 56 (sunk).

51. HS winged cherub’s, trumpet, crossbones In memory of Edward DALE, yeoman, late of this parish who died the 2nd of June 1753 aged 53 years. Also of his son John who died an infant. he left issue by Elizabeth his wife 2 daughters (viz) Sarah and Elizabeth. Also Elizabeth relict of the above Edward Dale who died 25th September 1783 aged 85 years.

52. HS 2 sculls and 2 crossbones on each side There lieth the body of Judith ye wife of Robert DALE of this parish who died the 11th December 1738 in the 36 year of her age and left 4 children, Ino…., Edward, Mary and Judith which (sic) survive. Also here lieth the body of Robert Dale who died the 21st March 1789 aged 82 years.

53. HS crossbones on each end 2 grinning sculls Here lieth the body of John DALE son of Robert and Judith Dale of this parish who died the 17th of December 1771 in the 38th year of his age. Here also lieth the body of Mary 2nd wife of the above said Robert Dale who died the 11th of October 1778 in the 64th year of her age.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions of Staple Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759

In The Body –
54. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Mr John SILKWOOD, the Son of Mr John Silkwood & Mary his Wife. He departed this Life the 10th Day of May 1754 aged 22 years.

55. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Mr John SILKWOOD of this Parish who departed this Life the 9th of Dec. 1751 aged 55 Years. Here also lieth ye Body of Mary his Wife, Daughter of Mr Richard TERRY and Mary his Wife of this Parish. She departed this Life the 28th Day of December 1753 aged 60 Years.

In The North Chancell.
56. On a Neat Monument on ye North Wall
. [Sa. 3 lions rampant arg. (LYNCH) imp. Per saltire az. & erm. in chief 3 bezants & at fesse point a leopard’s head or (WHITING)]. D.O.M.S. In proximo hic siti sunt Gratiannus LYNCH armiger, et Rebecca Uxor ejus; quze illi septem Filios, et quinque Filias peperit. Quorum superstites sunt Sara, Johannes, Gratia, Juditha. nixit Conjux amantissimus; Pater optimus; Subditus fidelis. obijt Die Januarij 19 A.D. 1691/2. Aetatis suae 65. Illa vero Feb. Die nono Fatis concessit A.D. 1674/5. Aetatis suae 40. Hoc sepulchrale Marmor Memoriae Parentum charissimorum, Johannes LYNCH maerens posuit.

57. On Another on ye same Wall.
[LYNCH as Above imp. HEAD (4.57, St Mildred’s, Cantby. ]. In hoc Sacello contumulantur Johannes LYNCH de Groves, arm: ac Sara Uxor ejus Francisci HEAD e Civ. Roffen: Ar: Filia; Tam Animo, quam Moribus conjunctissimi. Vivit, equidem, et viget adhuc eorum Lans in plurium Memoria. et, ne posteros lateat, quales in omni Vitae Munere, fuerint, hinc, disce, Lector, Hanc, singulis Virtutibus, quae Filiam, Uxorem, Matrem, Familiarem, vel Faeminam, decorent; Illum, ijs Rebus quae Magistratum, Civem, Maritum, Patrem, Amicum, Vicinum, vel Virum ornent summo cum Honore, nec non Dignitate praecelluisse. Passibus antem ambo semper processerunt aequis, Dum has Aedes intrabant assidui Numinis Cultores. dum Filijs, Famulis, omnibus, domi forisq praeibant illustria Integritatis, Prudentiae, ac Pietatis, Exempla, huic Seculo desiderata; quŕm vellem, imitanda! Felicitčr se Conjugio per XXII Annos fruebantur; Liberorum etiam Numero feliciores usq donec Illa, dum eorum XIX Vitam dedit suam perdidit Puerperio defuncta, XIII Cal. Decemb. An. Dom. 1710. suaeq Aetatis 41. Hic antem, benigniore Numine diu conservatus ut ex eâ Natos, carissima Amoris Pignora (quorum Matri XI, Patri IX Superstites fuerunt) materno erga Prolem Affectu foveret, Paternâ tamen Sapientiâ, ac Auctoritate, pič, ingenueq educaret; tandem, Dierum plenus, Virtutum Satur, et ad Caelum maturus, Animam Deo opt. max. Hominumq Servatori, reddidit XI Cal. Mart. An. Dom. 1732/3. Aetatis suae 81.

58. On Another Monument on ye South Wall.
[Sa. a chevn. engrailed betw. 3 pelicans’ heads erased & vulning arg. (SQUIER)]. *This Coat sd. have been in a Lozenge, as it is on ye Monument. Here lyes Grace, Daughter of ye Reverend John *SQUIER, late Rector of Barnes near London, by Grace his Wife, the eldest Daughter of Mr John LYNCH of Groves, in this Parish, where She was born Nov. 24 1652 and died at Harietsham in this County, Feb. the 12 1664/5 at the Age of 12 Yeares. *See his Epitaph, in AUBREY’s Hist. of Surrey, Vol.1, P.94.

59. On Another, one ye same Wall. M.S. Johannis CLARKE, Filij unici Johannis Clarke, M.D. et Sara, Gratiani LYNCH, Armig. Filiae Natu maximae. Obijt 12 Die Feb. A.D. 1691/2
. Aetatis suae 3. Dent Charites Lacrymas, madeant quoq Lumina Amorum/Ante Diem occubuit Forma, Juventa, Décor./Unica Spes Patris, dum lusit parvulus Aulâ/Et Matri innocuâ Garrulitate, placens./Infans Febre perit, glendus, Trieteride prima,/Ut Rosa, quae, nimio victa Calore, cadit./Ambo aquč fragiles, tamen hic formosior illâ:/Nec minor in Verbis, quam fuit Ore Pudor./Sic meliora rapit rigidi Inclementia Fati;/Seraq quos optent Saecula, prima necant./Felices nimiům tali cum Prole Parentes;/Ast non pro Vobis, nascitur Ille Deo.

60. On a Monument on ye East Wall.
[LYNCH as Before imp. Sa. on a chevn. arg. 3 branches vert (BROMFEILD)]. Viator, hic dormit Johannes LYNCH, S.T.B. Ecclesiae Anglicanae Presbyter idem et Confessor sanctus Humilitate ac Literis insignior quam inani Dignitatum Serie. Primaevae Pietatis in Deum Fidei in Regem probatae, Exemplar ingens. Vir sui Temporis optimus sine Invidiâ dicendus; omni Monumento, omnibusq Titulis major. Qui totius Virtutis Zodiacum emensus Caelum appulit Empyraeum, Festo Michaelis Anno Xti 1680. Aet. suae 89, tres Liberos relinquens, quos č Graciâ suscepit; Filiâ natu maximâ Johannis BROMFEILD, de Ewhurst, in Comitat: Sussexiae, Armigeri; nempč Gratiannum Lynch, Armigerum, Militiae Cantianae Majorem; Graciam (Reverendi Johannis SQUIER Relictam) cujus unica Soboles materni Nominis et tantâ Matre digna, hěc etiam requiescit. Margaretam Thomae BLECHYNDEN de Aldington Generoso conjugatam. e quibus Gracia, Affectű magno, sed Sumptű modico, hoc Marmor poni curavit. Memoriae justi erit benedicta, Prov. 10.7.

61. On another Monument on the East Wall.
[LYNCH as before]. Beside those here mention’d, there have been buried, of this Family in this Chancell, Joan, ye Daughter of Simon LYNCH, Gent, buried Aug. 17 1570. Simon Lynch Gent (twice Member of Parliament for ye Town and Port of Sandwich) March 5 1573/4. The Wife of Thomas Lynch, Aug. 16 1588. Thomas, Son of William Lynch, Gent. Nov. 4 1589. Julius, Son of William Lynch Junr. June 9 1596. Theophilus, Son of William Lynch, Junr. Oct. 9 1597. Judith, Daughter of Wm. Lynch, Junr. Aug. 31 1606. Robert Lynch, Gent. Oct 12. 1653. Aylmer, Catherine, Francis, Gratian, & Francis, Sons, and Daughter of John Lynch Esq. by Sarah his Wife, who all died young.

62. On a Flat Stone, wch. lay formerly on ye Ground, but is now placed on the Top of a new Vault, abt. 6 Feet above ye Pavement. (This Vault is built almost above Ground, under ye East Window, is about 9 Feet in Width, & takes up ye whole Breadth from N. to S. of this Chancell. It was built by ye psent Dr. John LYNCH, Dean of Canterbury, and is at present (1759) empty). Here lies Sarah, ye Daughter of Francis HEAD, of Rochester Esq. & wife of John LYNCH of Groves, Esq. by whom he had 19 Children, 11 of whom survived her, viz: Sarah, Rebecca, Judith, John, Ann, George, Katherine, Gratian, Frances, Richard, Head. She died Nov. 18 1710.

63. In The East Window are these Coats.

64. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth ye Bodies of Mary and Margaret, Daughters of Michael TERRY & Elizabeth his Wife. Mary died June 7 1722, aged 14. Margaret died Nov. 22 1722, aged 4 Years & 4 Months. And also the Body of Mrs. Eliz. Terry, Wife of Mr Michael Terry Senr. She died 14 Oct. 1741, aged 67 Years. Likewise the Body of Mr Michael Terry, Son of Mr Michael & Eliz. Terry, he died 24 Dec. 1741 in the 37th Year of his Age.

65. On Another. Mr Michael TERRY, Sen. Died Oct. the 6th 1744 aged 78 Years.

66. Here are 2 very ancient Flat Stones without Inscription, wch. have been formerly inlaid with Brass.

67. The Font seems to be very ancient.

68. This Church consists of A Chancell, North Chancell, Body & a North Isle. At ye West End stands a Tower Steeple, in wch. hang 4 Bells,; but I could not get at them.

69. In The Church Yard are altar Tombs for Persons of the Names of HARRISON, HATCHER, GIBBS & TERRY. And Headstones, for others of ye Names of DALE, DEVISON, RIGDEN, TERRY, WOOD, and WOODWARD. There are also 3 Altar Tombs, whose Inscriptions are gone – 1 of them has still this Coat remaining [Per pale & per fesse indented, on a bend 3 fusils].

70. This Church was dedicated to St. James. It is a ……

71. The present …….(1760).

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Bax 18, 23
Brockman 5
COZENS 8, 46, 48
DALE 26, 49-53, 69
DAVISON 11, 14
Deveson 11

GIBBS 43, 69
HATCHER 25, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 69
HAYMAN 27, 44, 45
HEAD 3, 57, 62
Hills 35
LYNCH 3, 6, 7, 56-60, 62., 63

Matthews 9
MUNDS 31, 32
RIGDEN 12, 13, 42, 69
RYE 17
Sharp 36
SILKWOOD 1, 2, 54, 55

SQUIER 6, 58, 60, 61
TERRY 1, 33, 41, 43, 55, 
   64, 65, 69
Woodcock 33
WOODWARD 9, 10, 18-24,
Places Index
Aldington 60
Barnes near London 6, 58
Beachborough, Kent 5
Canterbury 5, 36
   Burgate 10
   St. Paul’s 12, 13
Deal 27
Dilnott Eastes 10
Eastry 11
Ewhurst, Sussex 60

Harrietsham 6, 58
Knowlton Knolton 43
Littlebourne 14
London, St. Dionis Backchurch 5
Northbourne 23, 24
Northbourne Norborn 33
Reculver Reckelver 35
Rochester 3, 62
Rotherfield 5

Sandwich 28, 35, 61
   Groves 3, 6, 58, 62
Sussex 5
Twilham [?Twil], Wingham 34
Willinshaw, Chester 5
Wingham 34
Woodnesborough 35
York 5
Aylmer 61
Dean of Canterbury 5
Lieut General 5
prebendary 5
Rector 5, 6
Reverend 6
smallpox 12
spinster 23
widow 35
yeoman 15, 24, 34, 51

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