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St Mary the Virgin Churchyard M.I.s, St Mary-in-the-Marsh
with Index of names and places at end

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Typed up, and indexed by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

Inscriptions in the Churchyard (east)

77. Susan the wife of Thomas DRAY who left issue 2 sons viz: Thomas and John. She died 20 October 1708 aged 64.Thomas Dray her husband died 16 September 1709 in 76th year. (In burial register he is styled Thomas Dray senior).

78. Anne wife of Reverend H PARKER died 26 August 1890.

79. A small stone with cross engraved: GFP 1864

80. Mary wife of John KNOWLES of this parish 18 June 1776 aged 47. Mary his second wife 4 November 1778 aged 52.

81. John PRIOR died 21 September 1854 aged 47. Elizabeth his daughter 19 March 1856 aged 3 years. John his son18 August 1857 aged 5 months (sic) Rhoda his daughter 1 March 1849 aged 4 years.

82. William PRIOR (a Y has been added in error) died 10 February 1816 aged 38. Had issue by Mary his wife 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters viz: William, George, John, Mary and Ann surviving. Also Mary his wife died 8 October 1822 aged 42. Ann their daughter died 24 March 1820 aged 4 years 6 months (Registers: William Prior master of the Star Inn St Marys buried 17 February 1816 aged 38. William son of Samuel and Ann Prior baptised 20 July 1777. Mary widow of the Star Public House buried 13 October 1822 aged 42)

South of the church
83. Here lieth buried ye body of Thomas ROLFE whom Neptune deprived of life the 25th day of June 1708 in 24th year of his age. He was the youngest son of William Rolfe late of this Parish. (Thomas Rolfe batchelor buried 28 June 1708)

84. An old coffin shaped tomb apparently 16th or early 17th Century. It is mentioned by Hasted. There is no inscription apparent.

85. To my dear wife Lily FINN died 26 September 1912.

86. Susanna wife of James CHITTENDEN died (?2) 9 November 1797 aged ?60. Left surviving one son and one daughter: Thomas and Sarah. She also left surviving by her first husband Thomas CASTLE 4 daughters: Ann, Susanna, Jane and Elizabeth. James Chittenden died 20 April 1823 aged 74.

87. Ethel, daughter of George and Emily WRATTEN died 4 September 1911 aged 3 months.

88. Sundial. 1826. Edward Robert WIGHTWICK, Henry Wise COATES, Churchwardens.

89. James Ransley late of Newchurch died 19 May 1879 aged 62. Thomas son of above, 16 September 1874 aged 14.

90. John WILSON, 7 October 1872 aged 77. Elizabeth Wilson 31 March 1861 aged 59.

91. James CHITTENDEN died 4 December 1903 aged 75. Henrietta his wife 26 January 1914 aged 84. Also Robert Stranack, Ada Mary, Alice Annie and John Cole children of above.

92. Robert Stranack CHITTENDEN died 8 April 1862 aged 8 months.

93. Frank son of John and Ann CHITTENDEN died 10 August 1868 aged 14 months.

94. Ann wife of John CHITTENDEN of Newchurch, Kent died 4 April 1894 aged 59.

95. Hubert CHITTENDEN died 29 October 1903 aged 27.

96. George CHITTENDEN of Millbank Farm, Newchurch died 16 May 1855 aged 29. Left issue by Jane his wife 2 sons and 1 daughter: William, James and Jane Elizabeth. Jane widow of above died 23 June 1898 aged 81.

97. James CHITTENDEN late of this Parish, died 22 July 1862 aged 66 leaving Elizabeth his wife by whom he had 4 sons and 1 daughter: George died 16 May 1855 aged 29; Mary Ann; James; William died 31 March 1835 aged 3 years; John.

98. Thomas CHITTENDEN died 20 February 1860 aged 88. Mary his wife 23 May 1820 aged 48. Had issue 5 sons and 2 daughters: James, Thomas died 7 March 1816 aged 21; William Mary died 2 October 1826 aged 25; John; George died 24 September 1845 aged 38.

99. George PACKHAM died 11 October 1851 aged 65. George his son 26 July 1849 aged 35. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one son and 2 daughters: Ann; Mary-Jane and Alfred

100. Ann wife of George PACKHAM of Jesson Farm died 15 September 1842 aged 61. Left issue 5 children: Ann died 16 February 1829 aged 16; George; Mary; Charles; Thomas.

Western part of the yard
101. George PULLEE died 1 May 1910 aged 76.

102. Martha wife of George PRIOR, 3 July 1820 (or 6) aged 21. William son of above 5 February 1826 aged 4 months.

103. George HARMAN died 30 September 1898 aged 70.

104. Frederick Robert son of George and Mary J HARMAN (Jesson Farm, St Mary’s) 2 March 1871 aged 16.

105. Susanna wife of William SHARVELL died 9 October 1784 aged 59. William Sharvell died 26 December 1798 aged 74.

106. Susan wife of Edward LESTER died 29 September 1873 aged 63. Edward Lester died 16 February 1900 aged 86.

107. Thomas COLLICK died 30 August 1900 aged 73. Also the following children of above: William died 30 April 1879 aged 21; Mary Ann 29 November 1859 aged 8; and 3 infants. Leaving surviving his wife and eleven children. Also Mary Ann his wife 20 January 1910 aged 79.

108. Olive, third daughter of Peter and Naomi TICKNER died 24 November 1889 aged 6.

109. Charles Winterton RICHARDSON for 30 years JP magistrate in Bombay Presidency , India, born 15 April 1833 died in London 17 July 1905 aged 72.

110. William KEELER died 11 March 1904 aged 77, leaving a widow, Susannah, who died 24 June 1905 aged 77.

111. Sarah wife of Henry ELSE of Tinton Farm, Warehorne, died 27 April 1900 aged 74. Issue 6 sons and 1 daughter. The above Henry Else died 9 January 1930 aged 74.

112. John Barton died 16 December 1886 aged 62 leaving a widow and 1 daughter.

North side

113. On the fly leaf of the first Register Book is this Note: Copy of inscription from fragments of a flag stone found in the Tower of the church and said to have been removed from the north side of the nave when the church was repewed:

Here lieth ye Body……. / ye wife of Thomas DRA……/ Issue by him fiv…… / daughters viz …….. Tho…… / Parnell and Cayle …….. / but left only surviving…….. / Parnell, Cayle and Catharine./ She died February ye 2 1715 and in / ye 34 year of / her age.

The fragments of the stone were put together and laid down in the churchyard between the two buttresses at the east end of the north aisle September 22, 1870. (HJL). Henry Parker, Rector. By reference to this Register under date 1715 it will be found "Mrs Parnell wife of Mr Thomas DRAY was buried February 9 1715/6 (HP)". (Register 1703/4 February 10. Thomas Dray batchelor and Parnell Cayle spinster married by licence.)

Inscriptions in the church
114. (Flat stone at west end of south aisle) Here lies the body of Thomas ROLFE late of Dymchurch who departed this life January 27, 1791 aged 63 years. Also the body of John Rolfe late of New Romney, who departed this life January 30 1792 aged 66 years. (Registers: Thomas son of Nicholas and Mary Rolfe baptised 14 June 1727. Thomas Rolfe Riding Officer aetat 64 buried 1 February 1791. John son of Nicholas and Mary Rolfe baptised 15 September 1725. John Rolfe attorney at Law from New Romney aetat 66 buried 4 February 1792).

115. Stone covered by harmonium

116. A tile close by above: "E R 1800" - probably for Elizabeth wife of Charles ROLFE from New Romney buried 31 October 1800 aged 69.

117. (Small flat stone) Here lieth the body of Mr Peter BLECHYNDEN. He died April the 1, 1756 aged 53 years (Register says he was buried April 17). Here also lieth the body of Ann his wife she died March ye 27, 1766 aged 70 years (buried 5 April).

118. (On west wall of south aisle) Mary wife of Reverend Thomas MORPHETT of Rolvenden in this county, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth ROLFE of New Romney. She died 23 June 1814 after a long and distressing illness aged 59.

119. (On south wall) In death lamented and in life beloved, Beneath this stone lies the body of Elisabeth the wife of Charles ROLFE of New Romney and daughter of John and Elizabeth FOWLE of Dymchurch. She died October 25 1800 aged 69. Also of the above Charles Rolfe, a most affectionate husband, a kind father and a sincere friend who died 9 day of July 1811 much lamented by his relatives and friends aged 80 years.

120. (On south wall) To the Glory of God. In memory of King Edward VII the fabric of this church which was in a state of advanced decay was repaired AD 1910 at a total cost of over £550 raised by the zeal of the People’s Warden. Edward W WOOLLATT, Rector. R M APPS, Rector’s Warden. C W RICHARDSON, People’s Warden.

121. (In cross aisle – north side) Here lieth interred the body of Daniel LANGDON, Common Expenditor of Romney Marsh 45 years. His first wife was Esther daughter of Robert FREEBODY of Frittenden in Kent, Gent, by whom he had 3 sons, viz Robert, Daniel and Marten of which only Robert survived him. His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas HANDFIELD of Ulcomb in this county Gent, by whom he had no issue. He died January the 13, 1750 aged 78 years.

122. (Flat, north aisle) Here lieth interred the body of Thomas the son of Thomas DRAY by Parnell his wife who departed this life the 3 of March 1710 being in the 4 year of his age.

123. (ditto) Beneath this stone lieth the body of William PILCHER son of Stephen Pilcher who died the 4 February 1781 aged 36 years. He left issue by Sarah his wife one daughter Sarah. Also Sarah the wife of William Pilcher who died August 2nd 1818 aged 80 years.

124. (Flat north aisle partly covered on left side by a pew) (The remain)s of Stephen PILCHER (of thi)s parish Gent (are h)ere deposited. (He was Ju)rate of this corporation (and fo)ur times Bailiff. (He b)ore an upright character (and) died much regretted, (Janu)ary the 18, 1768 aged 55 years. As are

(those of) Elisabeth his wife (who depar)ted January the 19, 1768 aged 56 years. (They l)eft surviving issue (Tho)mas and William. Above are these Arms. Quarterly 1 and 4 a fess indented between 3 (?bezants or plates). 2 and 3 Haffenden (chequey on a bend 3 mullets).

125. (Tablet North wall of chancel). Sacred to the memory of the Reverend Theophilus JONES BA, formerly of Pembroke College, Oxford, and 33 years Rector of this parish. He died 5 August 1835 aged 84. Also to Mary his wife died 28 May 1843 aged 83.

126. (Tablet south wall of chancel over low-side window) In memory of The Reverend Henry PARKER MA 44 years Rector of this parish died 20 October 1901 aged 82. Requiescat in Pace.

On the floor of the nave

127. (At west end) Here lieth interred the body of Mr Robert LANGDON, son of Mr Daniel Langdon by Esther his first wife. He died July the 2nd 1763 aged 62. He was five times mayor of the Corporation of New Romney. 128. [Brass] to William Gregory who died 12 August 1502* 
*He was of Blackmanstone and in his will (Cons: Cant vii fol 49) desired to be buried in St Mary’s beside his mother and left £4 for 2 stones to be laid over the two graves. Proved 4 February 1502.

129. [Brass] to Matilda Jamys mother of William Gregory, obt 1499.

130. [Brass on west wall] To the Glory of God and in memory of Arthur HOPER, William PULLEE, Archibald WHITEHEAD and others who gave their lives for their Country’s Cause during the Great War. The Church Clock was erected October 1919.

Notes  There is a Royal Arms dated 1772.

130A. Hasted (Vol iii p. 501) gives a memorial for Nicholas ROLFE son of William, Jurat of New Romney, obt 1749 aet 73 who had issue by Mary his wife eight sons and one daughter of whom survive Nicholas, John, Thomas and Charles. Mary his wife obt 1762 aet 67. 

130B. John son of Charles and Elizabeth ROLFE obt 1781 aet 26 leaving one son William-Henry.

130C. Elizabeth wife of John ROLFE son of the first named Nicholas obt 1782 aet 57 who had two daughters: Mary and Elizabeth who died without issue in his lifetime.

APPS 120
Barton 112
Cayle 113
DRAY 77, 113, 122
ELSE 111
Gregory 128
HARMAN 103, 104

GFP 79
PACKHAM 99, 100
Parker 113
PARKER 78, 126
Parnell 113, 122
PILCHER 123, 124
PRIOR 81, 82, 102
PULLEE 101, 130
E R 116
Ransley 89
ROLFE 83, 114, 118, 119,
   130A, B + C
Stranack 92
Winterton 109
Wise 88
Blackmanstone 128
Bombay, India 109
Dymchurch 114, 119
Frittenden 121
Jesson Farm 100, 104
London 109
Millbank Farm, Newchurch 96
New Romney 114, 118, 119,
   130A, B + C
Newchurch 89, 94
Rolvenden 118
Tinton Farm, Warehorne 111
Ulcombe 121
attorney at Law 114
Bailiff 124
Churchwardens 88
Common Expenditor of
   Romney Marsh 121
Jurate 124, 130A
magistrate 109
master of the Star Inn
   St Marys 82
mayor of the Corporation
   of New Romney 127
Riding Officer 114
Star Public House 82
Sundial 88

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