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Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions & other notes

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GOOGLE, (see ) has a SEARCH option which is not commonly known.
Here is how it works... Lets say I was searching for the surname JOHNSON ....
So, I type in the following in the Google Search window slot (not the Internet Explorer address slot):-
/Research/Libr/MIs/ johnson site:
It is vital that a space is left before the letter j in johnson and after the last letter n.
I am then presented with 22 references to JOHNSONs in the MIs, all nicely high-lighted. A click on the link, in blue and underlined, for any entry will take you straight to the list of M.I.'s on this website.
The same can apply to a placename or occupation etc, such as WIGHT (for Isle of Wight) thus:-
/Research/Libr/MIs/ wight site:
I then am presented with several references to Wight in the MIs.
Any subsequent search for a different place name or surname will result in Google being be very helpful and when your type the first '/' forward slash, a window will drop down displaying the previous searches you carried out.  Just click on the first entry and then it only requires that the 'name' be changed. Its very easy and very quick. To remove an entry on the drop down list, just highlight and press delete.
One point to remember is that when a new list of M.I.'s from a Churchyard is added to the list, it may take up to four weeks for Google to find it, so check the
Updated 17-05-2007 section for recent additions.
If you have found this suggestion useful, or have any further tips,  please let us know on

We are all indebted to Peter Johnson of Newcastle, Australia for bringing this search routine to our notice

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