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Preston near Faversham with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Preston near Faversham Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice May 1897

                                             Pages 132-137 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Interior of church
1. Oval tablet in square grey marble an urn above Sacred to the memory of Eleanor GREENSTREET late of Selling in this County. She departed this life the 12th of January 1802 aged 86 years.

2. On a white marble below the other and affixed to it And of Charles GREENSTREET their son late of Faversham, Gent, who died the 12th of April 1815 aged 77 years.

3. HS In memory of Agnes TERRY daughter of Thomas and Agnes Greensted who died September the 22nd 1842 aged 7 months.

Stones under the E. window of church
4. HS To the memory of Edward SAMPER of the parish of Tinstead who died the 9th of August 1786 aged 76 years. Also Elizabeth wife of Edward Samper who died the 5th of May 1788 aged 53 years.

5. HS Cherub’s head and wings Here lieth interr’d the body of Mr. Thomas GREENSTREET late of ye parish of Norton, yeoman, who died 22nd May 1763 aged 59 years. His neece Elizabeth Greenstreet caused this to be erected to his memory.

6. HS scull and bones on either side Here lieth interr’d ye body of John GREENSTREET, grocer and son of Henry and Ann Greenstreet of this parish. He died August ye 25th 1732 aged 22 years.

7. HS, scull and bones as No. 4 (6) Here lieth interr’d ye body of Ann wife of Nicholas (sic) KNIGHT of Chering and daughter of Henry and Ann Greenstreet of this parish she died November ye 9th 1729 aged 27 years.

8. Double HS Torch, trumpet, wreath, a hideous cherub’s head and wings Here lieth interr’d the body of Henry GREENSTREET of this parish who died October the 1st 1732 aged 69 years. Here lieth intirred (sic) the body of Ann Greenstreet the wife of Henry Greenstreet, yeoman of this parish who departed this life the 12th day of November 1719 aged 52 and left behind her one daughter and three sons.

9. Double HS. 5 sculls, coffin lid, hourglass, bones Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth second wife of James BERRY late of this parish she died June 8th 1694 aged 28 years, who left issue 2 children James and Ann Berry. Here lyeth buried the body of James Berry of this parish yeoman. He departed this life June 7th 1693 aged 40 years and 3 months. Here also lyeth interr’d ye body of James Berry of ye parish of Faversham, Deal merchant, son of ye above laid James Berry and Ann his wife he departed this life July ye 24th 1753 in ye 63 year of his age.

10. HS Cherub’s head winged, trumpets, sunflower In memory of Elizabeth BUNCE? who departed this life November the 16 1763 aged 53 years.

11. HS Three very repulsive sculls In hopes of a joyful resurrection here lye ye bodies of John and Susanna SIMMONS late of Queen Court in Ospringe. She departed this life July 9th 1743 in her 65th year. He August 20 1746 in his 64th (sic). Near them lye seven children John and Susanna only surviving them.

12. High tomb. On the top Here lieth interred the body of Ann BROOKE wife of Edward Brooke of Faversham who departed this life February 11th 1755 aged 62 years. Here also lies the body of Edward Brooke who departed this life March the 31 1768 aged 78 years. In memory of Giles Hilton Esq., of Preston House son of Thomas Gibbs Hilton Esq., of Selling in this County died the 24th of March 1867 aged 88 years. (nothing in E, W or S pannels). On the N. side all R caps. In memory of Mary wife of Giles Hilton Esq., of Preston House and daughter of John Shepherd Esq. of Faversham who departed this life the 2nd of March 1814 aged 35 years. Also of Sarah wife of Giles Hilton, Esq., and daughter of Captain Jacob Waller R.N. of Sandwich who departed this life the 7th of March 1854 aged 69 years.

13. HS Three sculls Here lies interr’d ye body of Edward BROOKE son of Edward and Ann Brooke of Faversham, Grocer. He departed this life the 18 of February 1738 aged 22 years. Near this place lies also the bodies of 4 children of the above laid Edward and Ann Brooke which (sunk).

14. Here resteth the bodye of John GREENESTREETE of Preston. Hee departed this life ye 8 day of January 1666.

15. Back of HS No. 11 (13) to Edward Brooke Here also lyeth the body of Robert BROOKE who departed this life May 1741 aged 10 years 11 months.

4 May 1897
16. HS In memory of William OVENDEN of this parish who departed this life the 8th of April 1759/39 aged 69/39 years. Also Mary wife of William Ovenden of Boughton under Blean who departed this life the 23 of December 1801 aged 75 years.

17. HS Two sculls, coffin lid Here lyeth ye body of Ann wife of William OVENDEN of this parish. She died September 9th 1730/50 aged 35 years also two children Joseph died June 17 1726/28, Susanna who died September 28 1730 being both 6 months old. Here also lyeth Mary second wife of William Ovenden. She died January 22nd 1745/6 aged 55 years also 8 of their children lye near this place Viz. John, William, Phillip, Mary, John, Susannah, Susannah.

18. HS To the memory of William OVENDEN formerly of this parish who died the 8th of June 1813 aged 73 years.

19. HS In memory of Richard FULLER who died 17 of June 1775 in the 75th year of his age (many more lines).

20. Tablet affixed to N wall of chancel (outside) all R. caps. In memory of John SHEPHERD of Faversham esquire who died December XII MDCCCCIX: aged LXXXI and of Elizabeth Frances his relict daughter of the late John Smith of Faversham esquire who died October XXX MDCCCCXXXXII aged LXXXXXXXIV.

21. Second tablet In memory of Ann, third daughter of the late John SHEPHERD esquire who died February VI MDCCCXXVI aged XLVIII also Frances eldest daughter of the above named John Shepherd esquire who died March 22nd (sic) 1850 (sic) aged 81 years.

22. HS Sacred to the memory of John HOGBEN Gent. who died the 4 of August 1805 aged 80 years.

23. HS To the memory of Margaret wife of John Hogben Gent. who died the 16th of December 1813 aged 81 years. 2 lines.

24. HS
T A.P. 1779
HS M.P. 1779

25. HS Cherub’s head In memory of William PLANE late of Clixfield in the parish of Lingsted and son of William Plane of this parish. He died November the 9th 1765/3 aged 56 years. There are more HSS.

26. Flat stone – rubbing of arms – modern Edward J. HILTON Esq. eldest son of Giles Hilton Esq. of Preston House died January 8th 1862 aged 55 years.

27. Flat stone, floriated cross, "Rejoicing in hope" round the edge. In memory of Charles Jones HILTON, third son of Giles Hilton Esq. of Preston House born 15th December 1809 died 19th July 1866.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BROOKE 12, 13, 15
Gibbs 12
Greensted 3
GREENSTREET 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8
HILTON 12, 26, 27
HOGBEN 22, 23

OVENDEN 16, 17, 18
C.P. 24
M.P. 24
S.P. 24
T A.P 24
SHEPHERD 12, 20, 21
Smith 20
Waller 12
Places Index
Boughton under Blean 16
Chering 7
Clixfield, Lingsted 25
Faversham 2, 9, 20, 12, 13
Norton 5
Preston House 12, 26, 27
Queen Court, Ospringe 11
Sandwich 12
Selling 1
Tinstead 4
Deal merchant 9
Grocer 6, 12
R.N. 12
yeoman 5, 9

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