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St Mary's, Newington, Surrey with index of names and places at end

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A transcription of a Leland L. Duncan field notebook for Newington, location and dedication not given, nor dated but it is assumed to be of one of the very earliest in the series.
                                                                                                                 Frank Bamping, 11 January 2001

1.         In memory of Lucy near 40 years the beloved and respected wife of Christopher Roberts of this Parish who departed this life 20th January, 1827 in her 59th year. Also the above Mr Christopher Roberts who departed this life 26th July 1827 in the 61st year of his age. Likewise near this place lie the remains of Mr John Mears son in law of the above who departed this life 29th July 1827 aged 44 years.  

2.         The family grave of Mr James Pearson of this parish. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Fanny Pearson wife of the above who died 19th October 1846 aged 72 years. Beloved by all who knew her.


3.         A blue ledger stone with a shield of arms within a circle. [obliterated]   ......body of Mr Thomas ..... of this parish who departed this life the 21st of January ..... aged..... In hopes.   Also of K.....  Ho....


4.         A large altar tomb. Beneath lie the remains of Mr John Bicknell obijt August 24th 1754 at. 37. Mrs Mary wife of Mr S. Bicknell ob. July 19 1765 at. 41. Mr Richard Bicknell ob. October 9 1765 at. 83. Mrs Jane Drummond ob. December 24 1776 at. 24. Mrs Jane Bicknell ob. December 2 1775 at.59. Mrs Elizabeth Bicknell ob. December 9 1777 at. 85. Miss Harriat Bicknell ob. September 30 1781 at. ? Mrs Hannah Bicknell ob. October 9 1808 at. 64. Mrs Sarah Bicknell Morley ob. March 4 1810 at. 33. Mr Samuel Bicknell ob. February 24 1811 at. 88. Mrs Hannah Wootton Bicknell ob. September 26 1815 at. 27. Miss Abigail Bicknell ob. July 25 1820 at. 24. Mrs Elizabeth Bicknell ob. January 12 1821 at. 64. Mr John Walter Langton ob. June 26 1822 at. 76. Mr William Bicknell ob. November 21 1825 at. 77. Mrs Sarah Langton, widow, of the above. Mr John Walter Langton ob. Janaury 16 1833 at.78. Mrs Ann Back ob. January 17 1843 at. 63. Mrs Dorcas Parner ob. March 14 1843 at. 53. 


5.         Sacred to the memory of Mrs Elizabeth Robins, relict of Mr John Robins, surgeon of Wivenhoe in Essex, who departed this life January 12th 1801 aged 77 years. Also John Gavin Hay, M.A., who died March 23rd 1806 aged 34 years. Also of Sarah Ann Hopkins wife of Martin Hopkins, esquire, of this parish who died 27th February 1812 aged  ?7 years. Also of the above Martin Hopkins who died ...... 1829.


6.         Sacred to the memory of Mr Thomas Norman of this parish who departed this life the 7th of May 1806 aged 54 years. Also Mrs Sarah Norman wife of the above who died 24th January 1832 aged 82 years. 

7.         Sacred to the memory of Mrs Catherine Lamb wife of Mr Joseph Lamb who departed this life the 29th of December 1801 in the 46th year of her age. Also three of her children; Mary Ann aged 5 years and 4 months, Joseph aged 4 months, William aged 5 months. Also Mr Joseph Lamb who died January the 16th 1809 aged 50 years. Likewise Catherine daughter of the above and wife of Mr John Boulter of this parish who died April 10 1844 aged 52 years. Also two of their infant children.


8.         To the memory of William Chamberlain who died November 12th 1830 aged 8 months. Mrs Eliza Chamberlain, mother of the above, who died July 22nd 1833 aged 35 years.


9.         An obelisk surrounded by iron rails. Sacred to the memory of Richard William, the infant son of John and Harriet Capes of this parish who died on the 7th day of March 1818 aged 5 months. Also of the said Harriet Capes who departed this life on the 29th day of July 1819 aged 39 years. Also of Ellen the mother of the said John Capes who died on the 26th of January 1830 in the 82nd year of her age. Also of Harriet Capes only daughter of the said John and Harriet Capes who died on the 21st day of January 1838.


10.       In memory of Ann Byrne, wife of Edmund Byrne late of the parish of St Saviour, Southwark, died April 21st ...... aged.... years.


11.       Elizabeth Hendy, relict of Samuel Hendy, gentleman, of New Inn, died 5 April 1814 aged 71 years.  


An index to the M.I.s in Newington churchyard

Compiled by Zena Bamping

Bicknell, 4.
Boulter, 7.
Byrne, 10.
Capes, 9.
Chamberlain, 8.

Drummond, 4.
Foster, 13.
Hay, 5.
Hendy, 11.
Hopkins, 5.

Lamb, 7.
Langton, 4.
Mears, 1.
Norman, 6.
Payne, 4.

Pearson, 2.
Roberts, 1.
Robins, 5.
Stevens, 12.
Worts, 14.
New Inn [London], 11.

New Inn  11

St. Saviour's, Southwark, 10.

Wivenhoe, Essex. 5.

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