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Newington next Hythe with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Newington next Hythe Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
1. The Altar Peice is very Neat. The Communion Table stands in ye Middle of ye Area.

2. On an Handsome mural Monument, on ye N. Side of the Altar
(now moved to S. Wall of N.C., nr. E. end). (f. 1682 petitn. to Adn’s Court fm. St Clem. Sandwich (A.C. 41, 93) – since it had been abused in former place in mid C., they want it at E. end).
[¼ly: 1&4). Or, a + paty fitchy sa. on a chief sa. 3 fleurs-de-lis or.
2&3). Az. a fesse betw. 3 hogs arg.
In pretence: Arg. 3 rings az. on a bend az. 3 pairs of fleurs-de-lis or. Motto: SIS QVOD VIDERI VELIS].
Simplex hoc sacratum est Marmor Memoriae Gulielmi BROCKMAN, de Beachborough, Arm. qui Epitaphium infra insculptum, vivens sibi composuit. viz. Religionem vere Christianam cum Humanitate conjunctam non Superstitione obfuscatam, Hominis esse Gloriam. Spem Futurai, Praesentis esse Solatium. Libertatem naturalem, sine effusâ Licentiâ, maximè amabilem. Imperium magis Tutelam quam Dominationem, Sapientibus habendum. Magistratum, tam ad malos castigandos, quam ad bonos remuniendos, institutum. Traditorum Impunitatem Reipublicae Scabiem, perniciossimam. Astutias Ecclesiasticas nilulominus quam aulicas, detestandas. Vitam privatam quam Theatricam, potius elegandam. Nec non seriam tranquaillam et serenam, Morisotate procul, ambitiosae et dependenti, Vocive Populari, omnino praeferendam; Semper existimavi. W.B. Natus 4 Septembris 1658. Matrimonio junctus Dnae Annae GLYD, per reverendissimum et verè paterno Animo, Doctorem Johm TILLOTSON, Archi Epise: Cantuariensem in Lambethiae Sacello 22 Die Decris. 1692. His nati tres Filij, Gulielmus, Jacobus, et Johannes: quorum Gu: et Jo: Patre vivente, sine Prole, obierunt. Gul. Pater ob. 27 Feb. 1741/2. Anna Uxor obijt 24 Dec. 1730. A Translation of the above Epitaph into English, with ye same Coat, is on a like Monument, on the s. Side of the Altar.

3. On a Brass Plate, fix’d to a Flat Stone. Here lyeth Buried William BROCKMAN, Gent. who departed this Life the xvith Day of Aprill 1605, beinge of the Age of LXXIIII Yeares. Who married Margaret, daughter of Humfrey CLARCKE Esq. yet lyving by whom he had Issue, Henry and Margaret.

4. On Another Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Here lyeth buried the Body of Henry BROCKMAN, Sonne of William Brockman Esq. who departed out of this Life the 13th of Septemb. 1622 at the Age of Foure Yeares, and eight Moneths.

5. On Another Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Helen, Daughter of Henry BROCKMAN Esq. Wife of John STROUT, Clearke: who had Issue by her John, Henry, William, Thomas & Helen. Shee departed this Life Oct. 11 1628 being Twentie Five Yeares of Age. Shee shall be saved in Childbearing, having continued in Faith, and Charitye and Holyness with Sobriety. 1. Tim. 2.15. Here also lieth the Body of Helen, Daughter of John and Helen Strout: (I think this John Strout was Rector of Monks Horton. B.F.). Shee departed this Life, Octob. 11 1628 being 6 Weeks old. "Of such is the Kingdom of God". Mar 10.14. Here also, lieth Henry, Sonne of John and Helen STROUT; who departed this Life Octob. 23 1628 being 3 Yeares old. Ingeniosi sunt praecoces.

6. On Another Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Here lyeth buried the Bodye of Margaret BROCKMAN, Wife of William Brockman, Gent. deceased, and Daughter of Humfrey CLERKE Esq. who departed this Life the vth Day of February 1610/11 beinge of the Age of LXXIII Yeares.

7. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth The Lady Ann BOYS, late Wife to Sr. John Boys of Bonnington in Est Kent, Knt. and Daughter to Sr. William BROCKMAN of Bichborowe in this Pish. Shee depearted this Life the 11th of March 1651/2.

8. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Helena, the Wife of Henry BROCKMAN of Newington, Esq. who departed this Life November the 14th Anno Dni. 1642. Aged 70 Yeares.

9. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Katiarin, Daughter of Sr. William BROCKMAN, Knt. who was buried the 13th of December Anno Dni. 1633.

10. On a Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Hree lyeth buried Mary BROCKMAN, Daughter of William Brockman of Newington, Esq. who departed her Life 29 May 1631 being of her Age of Two Yeares and Three Months.

11. The Following Inscription is painted on the Wood Work, which parts ye 2 Chancells.
Venerandae et indelebili (sic) Parentûm Memeoriae Gulielmi BROCKMAN (Hen. Brockman de Beachborough Arm. Filij) tam Dei quam Regis verè Militis aurati, et Annae Conjugis (Sun. Bunce de Otterinden, Juris consulti, Filiae Dominae, Caelo et Terrâ amabilissimae. Quorum Ossa, certâ Spe Resurrectionis, hic substrata, reponuntur. Pietas Filialis Jacobi Brockman, Armigeri hanc tennem, Appendicem, summâ cum Reverentiâ dedicavit, Anno. Dom. 1665. W.B. obijt Dec. 6 1654. A.B. obijt Nov. 29 1660.

12. Anno. Dom. 1722. William BROCKMAN of Beachborough Esq. new modelled and refitted this Chancell, and also made the Vault in which are reposited the Remains of his Ancestors and other Relations who had been there interred.

In The North Chancell.
13. On a Flat Stone, inlaid with the Figures of a Man (in a Shroud), a Woman, and three Children. Hic Jacet Thomas CHYLTON qui obijt x Die Augusti, A.Dni M.V. primo
(1501) ac pro bono Statû Thomasinae Uxoris ejus.

14. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth interred the Body of Zouch BROCKMAN Esq. who died 25 of October Anno Dni 1680. Aged 59 Yeares.

15. On a Monument on the Wet Wall.
[¼ly: 1&4). a fesse wavy over all on a bend sinister 3 escallop shells. 2&3). plain over all on a bend sinister 3 escallop shells. a chief, over all, party per fesse, 3 reversed escutcheons in fesse; & ermine]. Here lieth the Body of Christopher PETTEY (Gentm.) Hee died the 26 of October 1668. Aged 39 Yeares. Hee left Issue at his Death 2 Sonnes, and 5 Daughters. John, and Christophar, and Martha, and Elizabeth, and Christian and Alice, and Ann.

16. On Another on the North Wall.
[Arg. 3 boars’ heads erased, mouths pointing upward, sa.]. Memoriae Magistri Thomae BOOTHE, hujus Ecclesiae Pastoris venerabilis, et fidissimi; qui excessit ex hâc Vitâ 2 Febuar (sic) Anno Salutis Humanae, 1650/1.

17. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth interred, Jane, lately the Wife of Zouch BROCMKAN, of the Parish of Cheriton, Esq. and Daughter of Robert EVERING, of Evering, in the County of Kent, Esq. Who had Issue 4 Sonnes and 3 Daughters. She departed this Life Aug. 3 1656. Aged 27 Yeares. Here lieth also the Body of Zouch BROCKMAN, Son of the said Jane and Zouch Brockman: he deceased Oct. .. 1657. Aged 5 Yeares.

In The Body.
18. On The Verge of a Black, Flat Stone, on which are also inlaid the Figures of a Man, a Woman, 2 Sons, 5 Daughters, and the 3 following Coats.
[Drawn in line; 2d. ¼ of I. not coloured.
I. ¼ly: 1). BROCKMAN, p.40).
2). Per fesse indented, 3 martlets.
3). Per bend arg. & sa. 2 martlets countercharged & a bend counter-embattled sa. & arg. (party bendwise).
4). Arg. a chevn. & border gu, the latter charged with 8 bezants.
II. No.I. imp. Az. fretty arg.a chief or (ST. LEGER).
III. No.I. imp. 3 swords in fesse, points upward (no tinctures)].

In The North Isle.
19. On a small Stone on ye N. Wall. Here lieth buried Mare SANDFORD, who died the . . of September, 1621.

20. Three Other Flat Stones not legible.

21. This Church consists of the Great, and North Chancells; The Body, and an Isle to the North. In a small wooden Steeple, capt. with a leaded Spire, at ye West End, hang 5 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. Sam. KNIGHT me Fecit. 1725.
2. Ditto.
3. Henry BILTON, Curet. S.K. Me fecit. 1725.
4. William SLODDEN, Thomas TAYLOR, Ch. Wardens, S.K. Fecit. 1725.
5. James BROCKMAN, Esq. S.K. Fecit. 1725.

22. Here lieth buried Henry BROCKMAN of Bitchborough, Esq. Lord of this Manor, who departed this Mortal Life, upon the xxviiith of March, 1630.

23. On a Flat Stone, with ye Figures of a Man and 3 Women in Brass. Pray for the Soulis of Rychard *RYEGE (*as it seems), Alys, Johan, and Kateryn his Wyfes. The which Rychard decessy’d the first Day of September, in the Yeare of Our Lord God, M.V. and XXII
(1522). On whose Soules, Jhu have Mercy. Amen.

24. On Another Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Doct. Christopherus REITTINGERUS, Natione Hungarus, Professione Medicus; per Septennium Archiaetros Impereratori Russiae, Muscoviae, etc. potentissimo; sepultus fuit in hâc Ecclesiâ trises. Die Mensis Decembris, 1612. Aetatis suae 55.

25. Eight other Flat Stones, none of them legible.

26. In The Church Yard, is an ancient Altar Tomb, not legible, as also Memorials of BROWN, FAGGE, MACKET, MARSHAL, PEPPER, RIGDEN, ROLFE, SLODDEN, TURNER and WATERS.

27. This Church was dedicated to St. Nicholas. It is a Vicarage in the Patronage of James BROCKMAN Esq. The Present Vicar is The Revd. Mr. E. PARKER, who is also Rector of Cheriton. 1759.

28. Dr. GALE, in his Remarks upon Antoninus’s Itinerary, P.86, say (sic) that Roman Coins have been found here, as Urns are at Newington by Sittingbourne.

29. The Hill in this Parish, near Mr Brockman’s House, call’d Beachboroug (sic) Hill, commands a vast prospect toward the Sea; A Bon Fire made on the Top of it, is seen in France.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BROCKMAN 2-12, 14, 18, 21, 22, 27, 29

SLODDEN 21, 26
Adn’s Court Farm. 
   St Clem. Sandwich 2
Bonnington 7
Cheriton 17, 27
Evering, Kent 17
Monks Horton 5
   Beachborough 2, 11, 12
   Beachborough Hill 27
   Bichborowe 7
   Bitchborough 22
Church Wardens 21

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