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Ewhurst, West Sussex with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Ewhurst Churchyard,  Noted by Leland L. Duncan
                                                                                                                           Typed up by Dawn weeks

1. South side of Tower an alter tomb. Coat of arms gone William PIX of this Parish son of George Pix of Hawkhurst, Gentleman who died 17(?) of October 1723 in 55th year. Left issue by Ann his wife 5 sons and ?5 daughters. On the north side of this Tomb lies buried Ann the wife of William Pix who died May 29 1711 (or 1717) aged ?68 years.

Row on a line with south east end of chancel
2. Two to MUNNS. Richard Munn who died 1746 aged 57 and Ann a daughter who died 173? Then Mr George PIX of this Parish who died 10 April 1742 in 42nd year. Left by Mary his wife 3 sons and 1 daughter.

3. Mrs Mary PIX died November 11 1759 aged 50. Also Mrs Ann Pix who died January 10 1761 in her 62nd year. Daughters of Mr William Pix late of this Parish, Gentleman.


Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Pix 1, 2, 3
Munn 2

Places Index
Hawkhurst 1
Gentleman 1, 3

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