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A transcription of the memorial inscriptions recorded by Mr Leland L. Duncan 3rd June, 1919.

                                                         Transcribed by Frank Bamping, 19 January 2001

Stones on the South side beginning at the gate.
1. Headstone. James Fountaine, son of James Fountaine of this parish and Frances Elizabeth his late wife. He was devoted by his father's wishes and his own to the ministry but God has withdrawn him to an early rest in his 20th year. His seizure was sudden but not quite unawares for he was allowed to utter one compendious sermon.
In the midst of life we are in death. God's will be done.
Thursday saw him cheerful and grateful for health. Saturday, August 6th 1825, a pale corpse for a season farewell.
2. Headstone. Here lyeth the body of Thomas Cox late of this parish, butcher, who departed this life April 21st 1745 in the 80th year of his age.
3. Headstone. Nathan Cox, son of Thomas and Ann Cox died December 1768 aged 71. Footstone N.C. 1768.
4. An altar tomb. In memory of Mary Eleanor, born September 23 died October 16 1842, and of Charles Waring born December 6 1856 died June 28 1858. Children of Charles Darwin.
5. A low tomb. The tomb of the giver of The Church House.
6. A flat stone. The family vault of Edward Price, esquire, where lie the bodies of Amy wife of Edward Price of this parish who departed this life June 27 1842 in her 68th year. Also Amy Mary niece of Edward Price died 3 June 1849 in her 46th year. Also Edward Price died 24 January 1850 in his 79th year.
The other side of the path.
7. A low altar. Sarah Wedgwood of this parish died November 6 1856 aged 80. Also Sarah Elizabeth daughter of Josiah Wedgwood of Maer Hall, Staffordshire, died November 8 1880 aged 86.
8. Headstone. Elizabeth daughter of John and Sarah Phillips died July 7 1812 aged 3 years and 8 months. Also William, George and Henry, brothers of the above who died in their infancy.
9. Headstone. Sarah wife of John Phillips of Eynsford, Kent, died 16 April 1821 in her 41st year.
10. Headstone. Mr John Phillips of Eynsford, Kent, died 2 December 1838 aged 62.
Here is a large yew tree
11. A headstone by the porch.
Mrs Sarah Wood, late wife of Mr John Wood of Bromley died 16 September 1785 aged 48.
12. An altar. In memory of George Phillips, late of Keston in Kent, who departed this life May 17 1773 in his 74th year. Likewise Mr Thomas Phillips, late of Northsied Farm, who died 6 February 1816 in his 73rd year. Also Mrs Alice Phillips wife of the above Mr Thomas Phillips who departed this life 21 October 1819 in her 68th year. Also Ann Noah who died 11 October 1859 aged 80. Also William Waker Phillips who died February 4 1868 aged 69. Also Mary, widow of William Smith and fifth daughter of Thomas and Alice Phillips died at Downe 30 July 1876 aged 85.
13. A low tomb. Here lyeth interred the body of Hugh Durling, late of Greenwich, cooper. He departed this life 4th December 1733 aged 60 years. Also Mary Durling ................. [rest gone]
14. A low tomb. In memory of Mr John Durling, late of this parish who departed this life the .... day of June 1782 in the 57th year of his age.
15. A flat tomb. Here lieth the body of Mr George Durling, junior, who was buried December 7th 1747 aged 26 years. Also here lieth the body of Mr George Durling, senior, who was buried December 8th 1754 aged 81 years and also here lieth the body of Mrs Sarah Durling wife of the above George Durling senior who was buried December 8 1730.
16. A flat stone. In memory of Mr William Allen .............. [the rest is quite illegible].
17. A double headstone In memory of Mr Thomas Harding who died September 25 1830 aged 72 years. Mrs Mary Harding who died August 13 1830 aged 77 years.
18. A coped granite tomb. In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Harris died 27 February 1865 aged 84. Also Frederick William Harris her youngest son died 10 September 1890 in his 83rd year. Also Thomas Phillips Harris her eldest son died 26 January 1892 in his 87th year.
19. A cross headstone. Mary Emily, wife of Charles Pearry died February 15 1878 aged 26.
20. A cross headstone. Mary Ann, wife of William Warner of Downe, Kent, died December 11 180?77) aged 41.
21. A cross. Henry Vivian aged 5 died March 18 1876. Mary Ruth aged 7; Oliver Wedd aged 2; Oscar Wedd aged 1. The last week of November 1877, children of Wallis and N.A. Nash.
(Joan N. Nourani writes to say the Wallis and Louisa A'hmuty Desborough Nash 
were her great grandparents. It is possible that Duncan misread the L for an N.)
22. A cross. George Uzzell. November 6 1873 aged 38.
23. Headstone. Helen Smith died November 1 1878 aged 44.
24. A cross headstone. To the memory of the following children of John and Charlotte Roberts of Greenwich, Kew [sic] -
Elizabeth died February 4 1836 aged 1 year and 6 months;
John died June 11 1839 aged 2 years and 6 months;
William died June 24 1848 aged 7 years and 5 months;
Louisa died November 15 1848 aged 1 year and 6 months.
On the back. In memory of Eliza Spearing died December 9 1864 aged 21. Also Frances Hook, sister of the aforesaid Charlotte Roberts died November 21 1838 aged 28. Also William Spearing, brother of the aforesaid Charlotte Roberts died September 3 1844 aged 32. Charlotte Spearing wife of William Spearing died February 14 1860 aged 73. William Spearing, husband of the above died August 28 1863 aged 81.
25. A coped tomb. Thomas Stringer died 6 August 1861 aged 71.
26. A granite tomb. Albert Stringer, late of Leaves Green, Cudham, died 19 June 1857 aged 55. Also Mary his wife died 15 May 1871 aged 70.
27. Headstone. Eliza 4th daughter of William and Sarah Stringer, late of the parish of Cudham, died 7 March 1842 aged 46. Also Charlotte wife of Thomas Smith and second daughter of William and Sarah Stringer born at Cudham Lodge, 1788, died at Bickley, May 25 1849 aged 61. Also William second son of William and Sarah Stringer died at Sundridge, June 18 1863 aged 69.
28. Headstone. In memory of the dear wife of William Stringer. Born at Down Court, the 27 April 1767, died at Leaves Green 9 July 1831. Buried here the 13th. Also William Stringer of Leaves Green in the parish of Cudham, died 1 January 1837 aged 78.
29. Large tomb - South side. In memory of Mr John Smith of this parish died 5 April 1788 aged 77. Also Susannah wife of the above died July 26 1802 aged 77. North side. In memory of Thomas Smith, son of John and Susannah Smith died January 22 1788 aged 33.
30. Tomb. To the memory of John Smith of this parish died 5 March 1821 aged 70. Also Ann Smith relict of the above died 16 March 1825 aged 66.
Next to the Church.
31. A tomb - South side. To Josiah, second son of John and Catherine Smith died October 5 1862 in his 32nd year. Also Sarah second wife of the above John Smith died February 15 1863 in her 57th year. East end. Mary daughter of John and Catherine Smith died May 6 1853 aged 26. North side. Catherine wife of John Smith of this parish died 24 November 1846 in his 52nd year. Also the above John Smith died January 16 1853 aged 56. East end. Hilkiah, youngest son of John and Catherine Smith died January 30 1855 aged 17 years.
32. A flat stone with a carved coat of arms. To William Ravenhill, esquire, of the Rookery in this parish, died 23 January 1838 in his 92nd year. Also Ann his wife died 11 July 1830 in her 75th year.
33. An old thick headstone now quite indecipherable.
34. A headstone next to the church. Thomas, son of Richard and Elizabeth Wood of this parish who died December 17 (?() 2 aged 6 years.
35. A double headstone. Mrs Elizabeth Wood wife of Richard Wood, senior, of this parish who died 21 October 1804 aged 52. Mr Richard Wood late of this parish died 17 March 1814 aged 61. Also to Sophia Wood died August 25 1884 aged 63.
36. A cross headstone. Sarah Wood died January 30 1837 aged 7 weeks. George Wood died May 8 1837 aged 12 years. William Wood died July 17 1842 aged 4 years. Mary Ann Wood died July 21 1842 aged 10 months.
37. Headstone. To the memory of William Mills, son of William and Janet Mills who died April ye 14th 1729 aged 21 years. Also Elizabeth who died an infant.
38. A flat tomb. Mrs Catherine Johnson died 7 May 1831 aged 92 years.
39. A low tomb. John de Horne Christy, esquire, of Cudham Lodge in the parish of Cudham, Kent, died 1st August MDCCCL in the XXXVI year of his age.
40. Headstone. In memory of the dear wife of George Snow who died December 15 1879 aged 68. Also George Snow, husband of the above died December 4 1885 aged 74.
41. A headstone by the fence. Robert Town died February 2 1826 aged 81. Also Richard Town, son of the above died 5 February 1813 aged 38. Also Richard Town, brother of the above Robert Town died 29 June 1816 aged 72.
42. Headstone. Susan Duberry died 7 January 1864 aged 55 and Richard Duberry, husband of the above died 6 September 1868 aged 59.
43. Headstone. Eliza Sutton daughter of Thomas and Jane Sutton died 24 May 1838 aged 16. Also Edward Sutton died 5 November 1845 aged 23. Also Mary Ann daughter of the above died July 8 1844 aged 26.
44. A cross. Thomas Sutton died January 8 1852 aged 65.
45. A low flat stone near the chancel. (Early 18th century)
Here lyeth interred ye bodye of ?Isacc Owsley who departed this life ye 10 day of October 17(?57) aged 61 years. Here also lyeth ye body of Jo(?a)n wife of the aforesaid who departed this life
......... November 17(?28) aged 4(?5) years.
46. Headstone. Mr Thomas Phillips late of the parish of Orpington born March 31 1775 died January 15 1852. Also Parnell relict of the above died 7 March 1866 aged 86. Also Mary alice elder daughter of the above died 10 January aged 57.
47. Headstone. Thomas, eldest son of Thomas and Parnell Phillips of Skeet Hill Farm in the parish of Orpington died 19 November 1844 aged 34. Also Ann Phillips sister to the above born September 17 1816 died September 15 1849.
48. Headstone. George third son of Thomas and Parnell Phillips died 18.5.1827 aged 13. Mr William Phillips late of Skeet Hill, Orpington, died 21 November 1865 aged 54.
49. A tall granite cross. "Requiescat in Pace". [No names. L.L.D.]
50. Marble curb. William James Palmer October 15 1894. Catherine, his wife December 5 1901.
51. A flat granite tomb. In memory of Erasmus Alvery Darwin, eldest son of Robert Waring Darwin, M.D., Born 29th December 1804 at Shrewsbury died 26th August 1881 in London. And of his brother Charles Robert Darwin who lived for forty years at Down House in this parish. Born at Shrewsbury 12 February 1809 died at Down 19th April 1882. His body lies buried in Westminster Abbey and of Emma, wife of Charles Robert Darwin, daughter of Josiah Wedgwood of Maer Hall, Staffordshire born May 2nd 1808 died at Down October 2nd 1896.  
52. A grey granite coped tomb. Mary Ann Smith died December 8 1909 aged 75. John Smith of Downe Court died 21 February 1873 aged 44.
53. A flat stone. Here lieth interred the body of Mr George Werry of the parish of St George, Southwark, who died February 27 1770 aged [?8]1 years. Here also lieth interred the body of Martha the wife of the above George Werry who died September the 18 1771 aged 61.
Stones to the East of the Chancel
54. A flat stone. Here lieth the body of Mrs Mary Woodward wife of Richard Woodward ...... esquire of Fulham in Middlesex who departed this life the ... of November in the year of our Lord 1701 [?] aged 70.
55. Headstone. Samuel Lettington died August 22 1834 aged 46. Mrs Amy R. widow of the above died 3.3.1861 in her 65 year.
56. Headstone. Amy second daughter of Mr Charles Sawyer of Down Mill departed this life January 1863 aged 9 years ..... months.
57. Headstone. James Fegan born 5.8.1808 died 11.1.1880 and of our beloved mother Ann Fegan died 23.7.1907. [no age L.L.D.]
58. Headstone. Mr John Mitchell died May 17 1850 in his 54th year. Martha wife of the above died April 20 1860 in her 66th year.
59. Headstone by the chancel wall. Mr Isaac Owsley died 15 February 1799 aged 61. Also Mrs Elizabeth Owsley wife of the above died September 7 18001 [sic] aged 66 years.
60. Headstone. Dan Town born 30.1.1829 died 22.3.1894. Also Naomi wife of the above born 27.1.1823 died October 5 1897.
61. Headstone. Elizabeth Sales wife of William Sales of this parish died December 24 1829 in his 66th year. Also the above Mr William Sales died August 4 1836 in his 73rd year.
62. Headstone. Mr Timothy Sales died 2 January 1841 in his 55th year. Also Mrs Elizabeth Sales wife of the above died 8 April 1850 in her 67th year.
63. Headstone. Mrs Sarah Poole wife of Mr Thomas Poole of Orpington died August 3 1836 aged 22.
To the North of Chancel
64. A flat stone. Elizabeth, wife of Mr William Sawyer of this parish died November 18 1835 aged 47.
65. Headstone. Helen Bedwell daughter of John and Eleanor Bedwell late of this parish died 3 June 1812 aged 17.
66. Headstone. Hannah Ranson daughter of John and Ann Ranson of this parish died 26 August 1824 in her 20th year.
Stones in the Northern slip, beginning at the East.
67. Headstone. John Whiteheard (Woodman) died 11.9.1885 aged 51. Ann wife of the above died December 15 1886 aged 48.
68. Headstone. John Thomas Whiteheard, eldest son of John Whitheard died November 25 1886 aged 24.
69. A small cross. Ann Sarles, wife of Mr Charles Sarles of Hastings, died 30 ....... ?1884 aged 26. Also Mona Gertrude Sarles daughter of the above died November 16 188(?3) aged 3 years.
70. Headstone. Morgan Best died 27.3.1895 aged 78. Elizabeth wife of the above died 24.3.1905 aged 82. Ann daughter of the above died 8.3.1902 aged 51.
71. Headstone. Thomas Price died July 1st 1893 aged 71.
72. Headstone. Mr James Marchant died 17 September 1852 in his 78th year.
73. Headstone. In memory of Joseph Parslow died 4.10.1898 aged 86. Faithful servant and friend of Charles Darwin of Down House in whose household he lived for upwards of 36 years. Also of Eliza his wife who died 12 July 1881 aged 69.
74. Headstone. Elizabeth wife of George Chapman died 18.9.1863 aged 37. Also Horace Chapman son of the above died 18.2.1867 aged 11.
75. A headstone cross. William Henry Tunbridge died 6.3.1893 aged 59. Also Robert son of the above died March 16 1894 aged 26.
76. Headstone. Mr James Carter died 24.8.1861 aged 63. Mrs Ann Carter wife of the above died 29.9.1851 aged 63. Jane Carter died 1.2.1855 aged 27. Martha Carter died 17.8.1855 aged 25.
77. Headstone. Elizabeth Horwood died 16.1.1868 aged 43.
Stones in a piece to the North of the Church and Tower.
78. Headstone. Richard Harding of this parish died 30.12.1860 aged 65. Sarah his wife died 23.4.1879 aged 84.
79. Headstone. Edward Elliot died August 180 (?4) aged ?71 years. Also Elizabeth Elliot wife of the above died ....... 1780 aged (?6)...... Also Edward Elliot, son of the above who died ...
..... 1790 aged 3 (?3) years.
80. Headstone. James Elliot son of Richard and Elizabeth Elliot of this parish died 20 June 1807 aged 15.
81. Headstone. Henry Osborne died 17.9.1880 aged 73. Amy Osborne wife of the above died 29.7.1886 aged 80.
82. A small cross. Lily Osborne died February 17 1879 aged ..... and 8 months. Also May Osborne died June 20 1879 aged 8. Also Alfred Osborne died March 1880 aged 12
On the South side of the Tower.
83. A monument with crucifixion. In loving memory of Claude Holdsworth Hunt, Captain R.A. Staff, died of wounds in France April 2nd 1917 aged 30. Also of Colin Harragin and Katherine, his wife the eldest daughter of G.N. Murton of Petleys, torpedoed on board the S.S. Apapa November 28th 1917.
 The end of Downe.                                                                                 Finished Whitmonday 9.6.1919 - L.L.D.

An index to the M.I.s in Downe churchyard                 Compiled by Zena Bamping

     Names - Index

    Allen, 16.
Best, 70.
Bedwell, 65.
Carter, 76.
Chapman, 74.
Christy, 39.
Cox, 2, 3.
Darwin, 4, 51, 73.
Duberry, 42.
Durling, 13-15.
Elliot, 79, 80.
Fegan, 57.
Fontaine, 1.

Harding, 17, 78.
Harragin, 83.
Harris, 18.
Hook, 24.
Horwood, 77.
Hunt, 83.
Johnson, 38.
Lettington, 55.
Marchant, 72.
Mills, 37.
Mitchell, 58.
Murton, 83.
Nash, 21.
Noah, 12.
Osborne, 81, 82.
Owsley, 45, 59.
Palmer, 50.
Parslow, 73.
Pearry, 19.
Phillips, 8-10, 12, 46-48.
Poole, 63.
Price, 6, 71.
Ranson, 66.
Ravenhill, 32.
Roberts, 24.
Sales, 61, 62, 69.
Sawyer, 56, 64.
Smith, 12, 23, 27, 29-31, 52.

Snow, 40.
Spearing, 24.
Stringer, 25-28.
Sutton, 43, 44.
Town, 41, 60.
Tunbridge, 75.
Uzzell, 22.
Warner, 20.
Wedgwood, 7, 51.
Werry, 53.
Whiteheard, 67, 68.
Wood, 11, 34-36.
Woodward, 54.

Bromley, 11.
Cudham Lodge, 27, 39.
Cudham, 39.
Down Mill, 55.

Eynsford, 9, 10.
France, 83.
Fulham, Middx., 54.
Greenwich, 13, 24.
Hastings, 69
Keston, 12.
Leaves Green, Cudham, 26, 28.
London, 51.
Maer Hall, Staffs., 7, 51.
Orpington, 46, 47, 48, 63.
Petleys, 83.
Shrewsbury, 51.
St. George's, Southwark, 53
The Rookery, 32.

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