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Some Monumental Inscriptions of St. Andrew’s Church, Buckland - Noted by Bax & Rice Friday 5th May 1892

                                                                 Pages 1-4 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett in 1759, added 8th July 2007

1. Stone with arms above on SW side of the Church. In memory of William BENTLEY of Deal in this county who departed this life the 28th September 1719 aged 59 years. Also Sarah his wife who departed this life the 14th of October 1738 aged 72 years. Also of Capt. Thomas Bentley son of the above William Bentley and Sarah his wife who departed this life ye 16th of March 1739 aged 38 years. Also of Edward Baker Esq. who was a Rear Admiral in his Majesties Navy he married Sarah daughter of the above William Bentley and Sarah his wife who departed this life ye 31st of August 1752 aged 64 years. Also of Elizabeth Bentley daughter of the above William and Sarah Bentley who departed this life the 23rd of June 1763, aged 57 years. Also Sarah widow of the above Edward Baker Esq. departed this life the 19th February 1769 aged 77 years.

2. HS now flat in the path by the S. side of church. Susanna the wife of Richard MEADOWS of Dover. She departed this life the 28th of February 1795/3 aged 57 years. With patience to the last she did submit and murmur’d not at what the Lord thought fit. After a lingering illness, smart and pain physicians skill and physic prov’d in vain. She with a Christian courage did reign, her soul to God at the appointed time. Also of the above Richard Meadows who died 21st September 1809 aged 65 years.

3. Flat stone near the ………???? In memory of James BAKER who died 1st January 1778 aged 60 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died 1st January 1810 aged 84 years.

4. Flat HS. In the upper part some emblem or device. In memory of Matthew son of Thomas and Hannah NEWMAN who belong’d to his Majesty’s packquet Express and was unfortunately drown’d Boulgone Road 26 February 1786 and was interr’d here the 6th of March following aged 17 years 9 weeks and 2 days. He weakened my strength in this way he shortened my days 92 Psalm 13 verse.

5. Double HS. NE side of the churchyard a chevron between 3 compasses. Here lieth interred the body of Henry GARLING who departed this life May the 22 day 1749 aged 89 years. Here lieth interred the body of Sulann the wife of Henry Garling who departed this life ye XIV of February 1701 aged LV years, who had issue 11 sons and 10/15 daughters, John and Henry and Elizabeth.

6. Close to the entrance gate. E. end. In memory of six children of John and Jemima BENTLEY viz. Mary Ann died 29th of February 1805 aged 10 weeks, Eliza died 31st January 1811 aged 2 years and 1 month. A son born 31st July 1811 died the same day. William died 24th July 1813 aged 11 weeks, Maria died 27th April 1814 aged 3 weeks, Henry died 6 November 1815 aged 12 weeks.

The following copied by Mr. R. Gassaway Rice.
7.  Square column. SW of church having white marble panels. The whole surrounded with high iron rails on top of column an urn. MI in south side only in roman capitals. Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Edward WINTHROP for some years vicar of Darenth in this county, who died the 7th of January 1826 aged 56, also to the memory of Martha, wife of the above Revd. Edward Winthrop who died at Dover the 30th January 1844 aged 50. Sacred also to the memory of their eldest daughter Martha Winthrop who died suddenly on the 10th of February 1853 aged 41.

8. Head and body stone close to, and E. of last. In memory of William HARVEY of Dover who died 15th January 1784 aged 35 years. Thomas CHITTENDEN of Biggen Street, Dover (Italics?) who died 12th April 1795 aged 35 years. Frances Chittenden widow of the above, William Harvey and Thomas Chittenden who died 15th May 1834, aged 87 years. Also of their children William Harvey who died 17th April 1795, aged 20 years, James Chittenden who died 20th June 1809 aged 18 years, Elizabeth Harvey who died 27th July 1810 aged 32 years, Fanny Harvey who died 13 July 1848 aged 69 years. "Let me die this death of the righteous and let my last end be like his".

9. HS to S. of chancel. S. of church …… on top. Here lieth interred ye body of John HAMMOND yeoman of the parish of Buckland who departed this life July 11th 1736 aged 72 years who had issue by Margarey his wife one son and two daughters and one son and one daughter now sur…………

10. HS near to, and SW of last . Two sculls and cherub’s head at top. Here lieth interred the body of Thomas HAMMOND of River who departed this life the 7th of August 1750 aged 57 years. Also John son of the above said Thomas Hammond who departed this life the 18th of December 1756 aged 28 years. Also Susanna wife of the above Thomas Hammond who departed this life the 5th of January 1757 aged 60 years.

11. HS laid flat close to the N wall of church. Two sculls and one hour glass on top. Here lyeth interred the body of William HATTON of this parish who departed this life the 3 day of December 1724 aged 59 years who had issue by Sarah his wife two sons and 3 daughters to sons and two daughters now surviving.

12. HS E of church Sacred to the memory of (Italics) James GOULD who died August 31st 1849 aged 64 years [black letters]. Also of Mary wife of the above who died December 16th 1851 aged 66 years.

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Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th July 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancel.
13. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth interred the Body of William WOOD, Yeoman, Sonne of William Wood of Charlton, Lieutenant of the Trayne Bands of Dover, who departed this Life the 3d. day of July 1680 aged 81 Years. He had to Wife Sarah the Daughter of Robert HATTON, Yeoman, by whome he had Issue one Son William, and two Daughters, Amy and Joane.

14. On Another. Here lyeth the Body of Mrs Amy SMITH, Wife of Mr John Smith and Daughter to Mr William Wood. She died the 25th day of February 1706/7 aged 81 Years. Also Elizabeth, Wife of Nick HATTON, Surgn. who departed this Life the 30th of March 1742 aged 41 Years. Also Nick Hatton of Deal, Surgn. who departed this Life the 5th of August 1743 aged 39 Years.

15. On Another. Here lyeth the Body of Mr John SMITH who departed this Life the 25th day of February 1695/6 aged above 85 Years.

16. On a flat black Marble in the Middle Aile near the West End.
[A fesse betw. 3 garbs in a border engrailed. Crest: a bird with wings spread statant & holding a garb in dexter claw (One copy adds palm sprays to sides of shield except at top]. Here lyeth interred the Body of Andrew SMYTHEYT, late of Northbourn in the County of Kent, Gent. He was born December 21st 1656 and died January 4th 1736/7.

17. At the West End of the North Isle. On an Altar Tomb inclosed with Iron rails.
Arms: Ermin a Griffin rampt. empaled with a Chevron bet. 3 Martlets. Crest – a Hand issuing out of a naval Crown holding a Trident. In Memory of William BENTLEY of Deal in this County who departed this Life the 28th day of Sept. 1719 aged 59 Years. Also of Sarah his Wife who departed this Life the 14th of October 1738 aged 72 Years. Also of Captain Thos. BENTLEY, Son of the above William Bentley and Sarah his Wife who departed this Life the 16th of March 1739/40 aged 38 Years. Also of Edward BAKER Esquire who was a Rear Admiral of his Majesties Navy. He married Sarah, Daughter of the above William Bentley and Sarah his Wife. He departed this Life the 31st of August 1731 aged 64 Years. Also of Elizabeth Bentley, Daughter of the above William and Sarah Bentley who departed this Life the 23d. of June 1763 aged 57 Years. Also of Sarah, Widow of the said Edward Baker Esquire, who departed this Life the 19th day of February 1769 aged 77 Years.

18. On a handsome mural Monument of Marble, within ye Rails.
Arms. Az. Chevn. bet. 3 Martlets Or. Sacred to the Memory of Sir John BENTLEY, Knight. Vice Admiral of the White of the British Fleet. In his Youth, he served under the Admirals HADOCK and MATTHEWS. By their Example, he learned to conquer, by his own Merit, he rose to Command. In the Action of Cape Finister, the 4th of March 1747/8, he was Captain of The Prince George, on Board which Ship, Lord ANSON had his Flag. In the Action October 14th in the same Year, under Sir Edward HAWKE, he distinguished himself, as Captain of the Defiance; And in the Battle in 1759 off Cape Lagos, under the Command of Admiral BOSCAWEN, he signalised himself, as Captain of the Warspite; and had the Honour of Knighthood conferred on him, for his gallant Behaviour; after which, he had in the same Year, a Share in the Engagement of Belle Isle, when the French Fleet was defeated by Sir Edward Hawke. He was in private Life, Humane, temperate, just and bountiful. In publick Station, valiant and honest. He was esteemed and favoured by his King, beloved and honoured by his Country. He died the 3d. of January 1772 aged 69.
N.B. The Arms in the Atchievements differ from ye Monuments. In that for BENTLEY – Argt. a Chevn. bet. 3 Martlets sable. Crest a Talbot passant Argt. In BAKERS – Sab. A Griffin rampt. regardant. Erm. gorged with a ducal Coronet Or. armed Gules empaled with Argt. a Chevn. bet. 3 Martlets sable.

19. The Steeple is a small wooden Spire, with 3 small Bells in it. 2 dated 1683, 1754.

20. The West Door only has a plain round Arch, the other Arches are all pointed.

21. In the East Window are some remains of painted glass, wch. seems to have been part of the Royal Arms.

22. Mr LYON, Minister of St Mary’s in Dover, informs Me that there "was a beautyfull Urn, dug up, in this Parish, not many Years ago; but that it was broken through Carelessness and the Remains of it cast into ye River". Letter, dated 22d. Aug. 1775. – B.F.

23. On a loose sheet in Vol.2. On a Handsome Monument fixt to ye E.Wall of Pew belonging to the HALES Family – under wch. is a spacious Vault. Sr. Thomas Pym HALES, Bart. Representative of the Port of Dover, a Steady and true Friend to Liberty and the Laws of this Country, of unceasing Kindness to his Family, Fidelity to his Friend and Benevolence to Mankind. Human Virtue adorned his Life, Christian resignation his Death. He dyed the 18th March 1773 Leaving Five Daughters by his Wife Mary, the Daughter of Gervas HAYWARD Esq. who as a tribute of Gratitude to the best of Husbands hath erected this Monument to his Memory. Aged 47.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BAKER 1, 3, 17
BENTLEY 1, 6, 17, 18

HATTON 11, 13, 14
Pym 23
SMITH 14, 15

Places Index
Boulgone Road 4
Buckland 9
Charlton 13
Darenth 7
Deal 1, 14, 17
Dover 2, 7, 8
   Biggen Street 8
   St Mary’s 22
Northbourne 16
River 10

   Lieutenant 13
   Trayne Bands of Dover 13
Navy 1
   Admiral 17
   Captain 1, 17
   Rear Admiral 1, 17
   Vice Admiral 17
Action off Cape Finister 17
Battle of Cape Lagos 17
Engagement of Belle Isle 17

   Majesty’s packquet Express 4
   The Defiance 17
   The Prince George 17
   The Warspite 17
   The White of the British Fleet 17

drowned 4
Rev 7
Surgeon 14

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