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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Brook Church
                                                                      Noted by Leland L. Duncan  August 1890

                                              Typed up by Kevin Cordes

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

On the south side of the yard:-
1. Wooden – John Henry JOHNSON died September 18. 1882 in the 23rd year of his age. Placed by his wife and children.

2. Head – To the memory of Theodore Tritton TASSELL son of James and Mary Ann Tassell, of this parish who departed this life died February 27. 1826 aged 17 months.

3. Head – In memory of Elizabeth wife of John MARTIN of Monks’ Horton. Born October 1. MDCCXCVI died March XXVI, MDCCCL. A husband and five daughters survive to make record of their sorrow and their loss.

4. Head. Isaac STYLES / SALES ( Duncan’s notes are contradictory) of this parish died 15 September 1800 aged 61.

5. Head – To the memory of Mr. William CLARK late of this parish who died September 27th 1801 aged 76 years. Also of Christiana wife of the above, died November 29. 1819 aged 90 years. WILLIAM CLARK who died November the 29 1819

6. Headstone engraved with skull, hourglass ?? – In memory of Margaret Relict of William CLARK Died the 4 day of February 1774 aged 77 years Thro many a storm I’m brought to rest my shipwreck’d Soul on Jesus Breast These poor Remains I safely Trust To slumber with my kindred Dust Till The loud trump shall rend the Tomb and Christ shall say to Judgement come.

7. Headstone. as last – cross bones hourglass, skull and trumpets To the memory of William CLARK of this parish who died July 18. 1760 in the 73rd year of his age. He left issue by Margaret his wife 4 sons and 5 daughters.

8. Small stone – William CLARK died an infant, December 15. 1792.

9. A large flat stone with no legible inscription.

10. Head:- Sacred to the memory of Stephen HAWKINGS late of the Parish of Wye who departed this life January 6th 1827 aged 88. Also Mary wife of above who died April 6, 1780 aged 37 years. Likewise Mary his second wife, who died January 21. 1824 aged 66 years. Left surviving by Mary His first wife four children viz – Stephen, Thomas, Sarah and Mary. And by Mary his second wife six children viz John, Richard, George, William, Elizabeth and Margaret.

11. Head:- Here lieth interred the remains of Phillipp FOORD of this parish who departed this life July the 2. 1816 aged 73 years. Also Mercy wife of the above who departed this life January 26. 1814 aged 68 years. They left issue surviving two sons and six daughters. viz. Richard, Mercy, Everall, Elizabeth, Thomas, Sarah, Celia and Ann.

In the eastern part of the yard:-
12. Henry ANDREWS late of this parish who departed this life 30 August 1821 aged 62 years. Also Elizabeth his wife who died June 1. 1828 aged 71. Left surviving 2 sons and 1 daughter viz Stephen, Thomas and Charlotte.

13. Head – John KEMP late of Cranbrook, died May 28, 1843 aged 81. Also Elizabeth wife of the above, died March 31. 1841 aged 75. Also Maria their daughter, died March 6, 1842 aged 35. Left surviving seven sons and five daughters viz:- John, Thomas, Edward, James, William, Jesse, and Charles. Elizabeth, Frances, Mary, Esther, and Jane.

14. Head:- To the memory of Edward DENWARD late of Wye who departed this life, died February 12th 1804, aged 74 years. Also Frances wife of the above who departed this life died September 28, 1814 aged 87 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

On the North side of the Yard:-
15. Flat tomb:- Elizabeth HERN 3rd daughter of the late John PAY of this parish died August 5. 1885, aged 76.

16. Head – John PAY of this parish died November 6. 1855 aged 55. Also Elizabeth wife of the above died January 27. 1875 aged 93. Also Emma daughter of the above died September 29. 1841 aged 26. Left surviving 2 sons and 4 daughters viz Jane, Susanna, Elizabeth, Tabitha, John and Thomas.

17. Head – Thomas PAY of this parish, died April 30. 1818 aged 85/3 also Sarah his wife, died 23 March 1805 aged 66. They left issue surviving four children, three sons and one Daughter viz:- John, William, Thomas and Sarah.

18. Head – In loving memory of Thomas PAY of Spelders Hill in this parish who died January 5th 1872 in his 93rd year of his age. also Ann wife of the above, who died July 20, 1880 in her 98th year of her age. And Israel said who Joseph behold ??? But God shall be with you and bring you Again in the land of ????????? ?????? 48c 21,

19. Low tomb – Susannah, 2nd daughter of the late John PAY of this parish, died 24 March 1889 aged 81/31?

20. Low tomb – Susannah 3rd daughter of John and Emma PAY of this Parish. Died 25 January 1873 aged 21.

21. Low tomb – Emma wife of John PAY of this Parish died 23 December 1875 aged 51.

22. Head – Thomas KENNETT of this Parish died November 18, 1853 aged 70. Also Henrietta wife of the above died 10 March 1876 aged 85. Also Stephen brother of the above Thomas Kennett died 10 January 1853 aged 75.

23. Head – William WHITEWOOD died December 21, 1793 aged 59. Had issue by Mary his wife 5 children – Elizabeth Mary, William, Sarah and Thomas – who erected this stone to his memory.

24. Head – with cherubs face, flowers ???. William WHITEWOOD died July 19, 1757 aged 59. Also Mary his wife died November ye 20. 1770 aged 61. They left issue eleven children 6 sons and 5 daughters. Seven of whom are surviving viz: Mary William, Edward, Thomas, Catherine, Michael and Elizabeth.

25. Head – Charlotte MILLS died at Brook July 5. 1881 aged 61.

26. Head – Robert JEFFERSON died at Hastingleigh July 27. 1884 aged 77. Susan wife of Robert Jefferson died at Brook May 14, 1879 aged 71.

27. Head – William WHITEWOOD late of Hinxhill died July 4. 1846 aged 75. He had issue by Ann his wife seven children, five of whom survived him (viz) Mary, Vincent, Thomas, William Howland, and John. Also William son of the above named William Whitewood died at Wye November 29, 1815 aged 13. And Margaret daughter of the above William Whitewood died at Wye January 30. 1837 aged 33. Also Ann relict of the above died November 27, 1865 aged 83.

In the western end of the yard
28. Head – Ann daughter of John and Ann CULLEN of this Parish – died July 30, 1831 aged 41 – also of Robert aged 5 months.

29. Head – Sacred to the memory of Stephen CULLEN late of this Parish departed this life died March 20th 1864 aged 60 years.

30. Head – Sacred to the memory of John and Ann CULLEN who were many years resident in this Parish. John died January 14. 1842 aged 86 years. Also Ann relict of the above September 21. 1848 aged 81. Leaving 3 sons and 8 daughters, the survivors of 16.

End of the inscriptions in Brook Churchyard There were no inscriptions in the Church itself.
Leyland L. Duncan August 1890

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 10th January 2008

31.  In this Church is 1 Flat Stone not legible, and no Inscription or other Antiquity whatsoever. It consists only of ye Chancell & ye Body, both Tiled. The Tower, wch. is very large and roomy, but low, stands at ye West end. In it hang 3 Small Bells (there is Room for 8) 2 of which have no Inscriptions, The other has only the Makers Name. The Living is a Rectory in the Gift of the Church of Canterbury. It was call’d St. Maries. The Present Rector is the Revd. Mr John GOSTLING, viz. 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Andrews 12
Clark 5, 6, 7, 8
Cullen 28, 29, 30
Denward 14
Foord 11
Hawkings 10

Hern 15
Jefferson 26
Johnson 1
Kemp 13
Kennett 22
Martin 3
Mills 25

Pay 15,16,17,18,19,20,21
Sales 4
Stiles 4
Tassell 2
Whitewood 23,24,27

Shipwreck’d 6
Brook 25,26
Cranbrook 13
Hastingleigh 26
Hinxhill 27
Monks Horton 3
Spelders Hill 18
Wye 14,27

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