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Dartford & District Archaeological Group (DDAG)   -    Rediscovering Dartford - Page 49

Dartford Borough Council
Dartford Borough Museum
Kent County Council
Kent County Library (Dartford Group)
Council for British Archaeology

Kent Archaeological Society
Dartford Arts Council
APV Hall Products Ltd
Wellcome Foundation Ltd

List of Subscribers

Jack Cuffe-Adams, 
   C. F.Arch (Lon.)
Charles Ahern
Mr. A. Aldis
Cohn P. Allsop
Miss R. Allum
Mr. F. S. Andrus
Miss G. Aparicio
Mr. F. Ashby
Mr. C. Baker
Mr. D. Baker
Mr. G. Baker
Mr. J. Baker
Mrs. M. Baker
Mr. R. Baker
Russell Balcombe
Mrs. 0. M. Barker
Mr. & Mrs. D. Bateman
Stephen Bateman
Mrs. Eileen Beard
Mr. & Mrs. Bell
Mr. C. Benson
J. A. Bethell
Geoff  Blaxall
W. Bingham
Mrs. Joanna Bird, BA.. F.S.A.
Mr. P. Boreham, BA.. M.A.
Mr. Christopher St. John Breen, 
   C. F.Arch (Lon.)
Mrs. E. M. B. Breen
Mrs. Jean Breen
Miss S. I. E. Breen
Mr. F. S. Bright
Lesley Bright
Ashley Brown
Jenny Brown
M. P. Brown
Miss E. Burman
Mrs. G. Burman
N. D. Caiger
Mr. & Mrs. G. Canning
Mr. L. H. Chapman
Mr. Denis Chinoy
B. D. F. Clarke
Mr. B. Coe
Mr. J. Combrinck
Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Connell
Mrs. Renee Conner
Miss Paula Constable
Mr. & Mrs.J. Conway
Mrs. J. Conway
Miss S. Conway
Julie Cook
Michael J. Cooper
K. Cousins
Howard Crowe
A. J. Daniels
Dartford Historical 
   & Antiquarian Society
Mr. & Mrs. P. W. Darvill
Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Darvill
Dr. P. Draper
Michael Draycott
S. T. Elvy
Mrs. A. Evans
Mr. John Evans. B.Sc.
Mrs. 0. W. Evans
Mr. Keith Feller
Mr. W. G. P. Ford
John Garner
Leslie Charles Garrett
Mrs. S. E. George-Soder
Ian Gerrard
Mr. Frank Gibson
Mrs. M. Giddings
John B. Gilbert
Kevin Godby
K. Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. D. Gough
Mrs. B. M. Gray
Derek Gray
G. & A. Green
Norman F. Hall
Mrs. V. Hanson
R. Harman
George & Elizabeth Harris
Mrs. A. G. Harrison
Mrs. Kay Hartley, BA., F.S.A.
Mr. Christopher John Hawkes, B.Sc. (Hons)
Charles & Marion Heather
Adrian Herbert
Miss V. Hilford
Mary Hills
Mr. J. A. Hilton
G. W. Hoadley
Mr. P. Holmes
Paul Homer
Mrs. J. M. Hood
Mr. D. Howard
Miss P. Hubbard
Miss N. M. Huckle
Mrs. P. Hudson
Mrs. G. Hull
Emily & Arthur Hussey
James Irvine, MIPR. MAlE
Mr. B. E. Ivey
Mr. Michael Jarvis
F. Jeffrey
Mrs. J. Jones
Adrian Kelland
Mr. J.L. C. Kelland
Kent County Library (Dartford Group)
Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit
Mr. & Mrs. J. Lam
Mr. W. Lamb
P. Lavery
Mr. G. Lester
Jenny Lewis
Michael R. Livermore
Mr. Robert Livett
Miss M. Long
Mr. T. C. & Mrs. J. P. Mallik
Mr. S. R. Marlow
Claire Marshall
Miss E. Marti
Maureen Matthews
Ed Mellett
Mrs. S. L. Mills
D. S. Mitchell
Graham S. Mitchell, A.R.I.C. S.
Mrs. M. S. Mitchell
P. F. Mitchell
Sharon L. Mitchell
Miss E. A. Morling
Mr. G. Morris
Miss Iris R. Morris
Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Mumford
Mr. J. Munn
Mr. & Mrs. S. Munn
Mrs. M. G. Newton
Mr. N. Newton
Maxine & Paul Norcott
Miss E. D. Norgrove
M. A. Nothard
M. Ocock
Carole Owen
Miss A.G. Parke, MA.
Alison Parker
Miss Julia Payne
Mr. Robert Payne
David & Julia Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. D. H. J. Phillips
Mrs. S. Phillips
Joan & Walter Piercy
A. Pomfret
G. H. Porteus
Mrs. J. J. V. Presnell
Mr. A. M. Railton
Mrs. Pamela Railton
Mr. B. Reehl
Miss F. R. Reeve
Mrs. V. J. Richards
Mr. J. Ritson
Mr. & Mrs. D. Roberts
Miss K. M. Roome
Mrs. Roper
Maurice V. Sawyer
Pat Sehell
Lorna Shonhard
Mr. A. Sinclair
Alan K. Smith
E. Smith
Mrs. L. Smith
Gwen Smith
Mr. J. Stebbings
Mrs. M. Steed
Mr. Charles Stewart
Mr. Kenneth Stewart
Mrs. L. D. Still
M. C. W. Still
Mrs. Angela Strachan
Mr. Alan Swift
Peter. Tester
Mr. D. C. Titley
George Treveil
Philip Treveil
H. L. Tull
James Turner
Susan Tyler
Eric Vickers
A. E. Vousden
Miss M. Wadhams
Roger & Stella Walsh
Ken Walter
Rev. & Mrs. Waterman
J. T. Waterman
Mrs. V. H. Watson
M. J. Webb
Miss I. Webber
Mrs. M. A. Webster
Miss E. C. M. Whiting

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