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Dartford & District Archaeological Group (DDAG)   -    Rediscovering Dartford - Page 48

We wish to thank the following for their assistance, be it technical, financial or for allowing the various excavations to take
place. Without this help the publication of this book would not have been possible

H. S. Alabaster & Sons Ltd.
John Allerton, Rix & Partners
Messrs. Anthony. Wylson & Munro Waterston
A.P.V. Hall Products (formerly J. & E. Hall Products.
Axstane Properties)
Barclays Bank Plc, Dartford Branch
Syd Bishop Demolition
Boots of Nottingham
Mr. P. W. Boreham, M.A. (Dartford Borough Museum)
Bovis Construction
Bryant Properties Ltd.
Mr. J. Cavey (Dartford & Gravesham Area Health Authority)
Central Electricity Generating Board
Dr. H. D. Cheetham. M.D.
Mr. B. Clarke
Mr. M. Clarke, (Wellcome Foundation)
Mr. H. Cleere. (C.S. B.A.)
Council for British Archaeology
Mr. P. Coxon (East Hill House)
Mr. C. R. Croucher (Axstane Properties)
Dartford & Gravesham Area Health Authority
Dartford Arts Council
Dartford Borough Council (various departments)
Dartford Borough Museum
Dartford Informer
Dartford Technical High School for Girls
Mr. Davis
Prof. A. Day
Mr. J. B. Dyer (formerly D.B.C.)
Fawkham & Ash Archaeological Group
Mr. K. Forward (formerly K.E.C.)
Mr. J. Gillot (Dartford & Gravesham Area Health Authority)
Graham Group (formerly Louis G. Ford)
E. C. Gransden & Co. Ltd.
Gravesend & Dartford Reporter
Mr. G. Hancock (Wellcome Foundation)
Dr. D. Harden (formerly British Museum)
Mr. K. Hawkins
Mr. W. Hoggan (Axstane Properties)
Mr. G. Ingleshy
Lord Irving of Dartford

Mr. T. Kelly
Mr. T. Kenley (D.B.C.)
Kent Archaeological Society
Kent County Council (various departments)
Kent County Library (Dartford Group)
Kent County Museum Service
Kent Education Committee
Kent Evening Post
Kentish Times
Walter Llewellyn Ltd.
Lloyds Bank Plc.
Marsden Development Ltd.
Mr. A. MacDougall (J. & E. Hall)
Lt. Col. G. W. Meates, F.S.A.
Cllr. E. Moone, O.B.E., C.C.
John Mowlem
Dr. R. NewtonMiss.
 A. Parke, M.A., A.M.A. (formerly D.B. Museum)
Property Services Agency

Mr. G. Rainsbury (K.C.C.)
Mr. D. Rayner(formcrlyD.B.C.)
Mr. J. V. Ritson (formerly D.B. Museum)
Dr. D. G. Robinson
Mr. F. Robinson (Axstane Properties)
Royal Photographic Society
Mr. Sayce(K.C.C.)
Southern Water Authority
Swans Chinese Restaurant
Mr. A. Taylor (Wellcome Foundation)
Mr. S. W. Taylor (D.B.C.)
Mr. & Mrs. Thornfield
LJnwins Ltd.
Mr. G. Vickcrs(D.B.C.)
Mr. C. J. Vinall, (Graham Group)
Mr. J. Walker (East Hill House)
Mrs. L. E. Webster, B.A.. F.S.A. (British Museum)
Wellcome Foundation
Mr. E. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. J. Williams
Wilmington Parish Council
Worthing Borough Council

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