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18. Dartford in the 80ís
Many of the old photographs in the reference library were taken at the beginning of the century by Mr. E. Youens, a local photographer, and these give a good insight into the town and its people 80 years ago.
   It has been felt for some time that we should do the same for the next century, and so the photographic section of the Group has  

started to photograph the whole of the Dartford area. It is expected to take a few years, and it is hoped that it will be updated periodically. It will he available on 35 mm film, which will be contact printed, with selected areas, such as listed buildings, enlarged at a later date. This survey will be kept in the reference library at Dartford. The project is funded by the Kent Library Service (Dartford Division), the Kent Archaeological Society. and the Dartford District Archaeological Group.

Part of the former Stone Rectory, c. 16th century or earlier. This became isolated with the construction of the railway and was subsequently replaced closer to St. Maryís Church. 

Medieval Hall house at Southfleet

High Beeches, Powdermill Lane. Destroyed by fire in August 1985

The Rising Sun Public House at South Darenth

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