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Dartford District Archaeological Group (DDAG)

The Christopher St John Breen Roman Pottery Archive
An aid to identifying sherds from excavations

   Individual fabrics are listed below, with the codes used by the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) Pottery Specialists at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC). Click on each link to see pictures of sherds of individual fabrics. For background information see Introduction to Pottery Archive.
   The majority of these sherds were typed over twenty years ago, and since then knowledge of the fabrics and their dating may have been modified, so please if you feel that any description is incorrect, please let us know at so that we can amended our information. Suggested reading
   System of plastic boxes and trays for storing and displaying for handling Roman sherds

By convention Roman Pottery is usually broken down into different types of wares. Some that are imports from the Roman Provinces on the Continent, such as Samian from Gaul, Colour-coats from Germany, Amphora from Spain etc. Other wares made in Roman Britain are usual regarded as coarse-wares from their utilitarian nature for use in the kitchen for cooking and storage of food. As always there are exceptions to this rule in the production of fine table wares such as Upchurch and Castor/Nene Valley wares. Below you will find links to sections listing the different wares.
   The present pottery archive consists of pottery sherds recovered from the Billingsgate dumps, and so apart from the imported wares represents pottery traded and used in London. We are now extending (2012) the range of material by including sherds from excavations throughout Kent, to better reflect the differing fabrics of all dates from London and Kent

Samian Ware Imported
Coarse Wares Mortaria



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