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History of Ash and Ridley from Earliest Records to 1957
Compiled by Dorothy G. Meager on behalf of Ash and Ridley Women's Institute           Page 90

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Today the Village can boast the existence of an enthusiastic Cricket Club. This was started in 1947 and the 10th season has just opened. Mr Cyril Seath kindly granted the club the use of part of his meadow opposite the Church. The pitch is cordoned off and kept in good condition by club members.
   The present officers are:-
      President - Mr George McCarthy.
      Captain - Mr Cecil Jenner.
      Secretary - Mr Stanley Anstiss.
      Treasurer - Mr. Arthur Storer
   The story Mr George Orpin of The Forge had to tell regarding cricket before the 1939-45 war is very different. He said regretfully that numerous attempts to establish a cricket club in the Village had all failed. His regret was deep, for all his life he had been a keen cricketer, and he played until he was over 50 years of age. He has played for Southfleet and Stansted but he would have liked to have had the opportunity of playing for his own village. Cricket had been played in years gone by, Mr Orpin can remember the annual match with Fawkham played in the field opposite "The White Swan" on a Whit Monday. It was rough and ready cricket he said. The pitch was scarcely up to Test standard and there were no white flannels to be seen, but

the rivalry was deadly, and the enthusiasm alike of players and spectators, terrific. And when the game had been won and lost everyone adjourned to "The White Swan" to celebrate and commiserate. The nearest the Village came to possessing a regular side was immediately after the 1914-18 war, when a team was assembled and managed to maintain its integrity until the end of the season but that season was its last as well as its first.


Although Football Clubs have been formed from time to time they have never had a very long life. After the First World War W.J. Francis Snow late of Hartley gave a silver cup for inter-village football. The winning teams were as follows:-
      1920 21 Hartley
      1921 22 Kingsdown
      1922 23 Stansted
      1923 24 Ash
   Money collected at these games went to the finances of the Nursing Association. After these four seasons the clubs ceased to exist, and Ash being the last winner of the cup, it remains in the Village and is in the custody of the licensee of "The White Swan".

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