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History of Ash and Ridley from Earliest Records to 1957
Compiled by Dorothy G. Meager on behalf of Ash and Ridley Women's Institute           Page 44

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Demolished Houses - Throughout the Parish of Ash

Within living memory, going back over a period of seventy to eighty years, at least 39 houses have been demolished in the Parish of Ash. They are as follows:-

West Yoke
3 cottages at the corner of the lane between the shop and the "Royal Oak", on the same side as the "Royal Oak".
2 cottages adjoining the "Royal Oak".
2 cottages beyond the "Royal Oak" in the direction of "Olivers Farm".
1 cottage opposite "Johnsons Farm".

North Ash
1 farmhouse almost opposite "North Ash Farm" now known as "North Ash Manor".
3 cottages farther down North Ash Hill, on the right.
2 cottages at the bottom of North Ash Hill known as Cuckholds Corner. The last tenant of one of these cottages, named Pettit, kept 90 hives of bees.

Ash Road
3 cottages known as "Bradfield Cottages", roughly where "Bradfield Villas" now stand.

The Village
"Black House" which stood behind "Flint Bungalow".
2 thatched cottages which stood where "Russell Villa" now stands. "Russell Villa" was built by William Russell (see "Shops") who was related by marriage to the Goodwin Family.
3 cottages in Snettings Park opposite Wallace Terrace.
1 cottage near the bottom of Billet Hill on the left which used to be occupied by "Old Liz".

Stansted Road
5 cottages converted into what is now known as the "Malthouse".
2 cottages below this called "Seafield".

Haven Hill
1 cottage just below the house called "The Haven".
"The Haven" was totally destroyed by a flying bomb in the 1939-45 War. It has now been rebuilt.

Hodsoll Street
2 cottages close to "Leaders" opposite the Council Houses.
1 cottage almost opposite the Hodsoll Street Post Office.
2 cottages in Rosemary Lane called "Parish Cottages" (see Nicholas Courney Charity.)
1 cottage on the Meopham Road almost opposite "Woodlands" where the late Mrs Bolster Snr lived for many years and recently died there. She was a great benefactor of Ash although actually residing within the Parish of Meopham.

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