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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

 Joanna Gryffyth HATLEY  1693  All Saints Church, Maidstone

The medallion measures 30inch x 26˝inch and is cut in relief on a blue ledger stone, 88inchx 44inch on the north side of the Choir.

Arms: [Az] a sword, in bend [ar] hilt and pommel [or] between two mullets of six points, pierced of the third for HATLEY impaling .. a fesse between three saltires for SMITH. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet an antelope’s head [or] tufted, armed and maned [sa] pierced through the neck with a broken spear [gu].

Hic jacet Joanna Gryffyth HATLEY M.Dris conjux Filia D.P..... S[MITH] Chirurgi dni in nuperis hujus Regni motibus Vexilla Regia Oxoniam translata secutus est. Ibique ab augustissimo Rege Carolo Indicia gratiae et aestimatioris Regiae jam ob fidem praestinam quam peritiam in sua arte Hand infirma accepit. Filia ..... exanime patre... Propter pietatem insignem Munificentiam in egenos summam erga omnes morum suum magnam et ? candorem Hue merito celebrand. Obiit XIII Novembris Anno [Salutis] Christianne MDCXCIII (1693) Aetatis LV.

From another monument in the church it appears that the first wife of Griffith Hatley was Joanne Smith. Dr Hatley was the 5th son of John Hatley of Goldington, Bedford, and of Anne PORTER of Lamberhurst, Kent, and died July 31 1710.

Rubbed July 28 1932 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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