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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Thomas STANLEY  1668 St Dunstan's Church, West Peckham

The medallion measures 22¼inch x 17¼inch and is cut in relief on a blue ledger stone 80inch x 37inch within the altar rails.

Arms: On a bend, three bucks’ heads, cabossed, a chief [STANLEY of Willingdon, Kent bore, ar on a bend az. Three bucks’ heads, cabossed, or, a chief gu]. Crest: A demi-heraldic wolf erased [ar] tufted [or].

Hic jacet corpus Thomas STANLEY de Hamptons in hac parochial armi. Fil natu max John Stanley, Gen. Unicam tantum geniuit filiam praenomine francescam sibi superstitem quam uxorem dedit maximiliano DALYSON arm. Totis suis possesionibus dotatam qui postquam annos 87 in dei timore regis obsequio proximorum commodo pauperu praesioio amicoru solatio & honestoru omniu delicio consummasset placide mortuus est Januarii die 17 & huic parentali terrae denampatur die 22 mensis ejusd Ao Dom 1668 In cujus piam memoriam charissa ipsius conjux Maria hoc monumentum posuit Si mores aequo in seclo queries iniquo Anisquis es O cineres hos in honore tene.

Rubbed July 1930 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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