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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Edward WAKE  1732  Canterbury Cathedral

The medallion is 23inch in diameter and is cut in relief on a blue marble ledger stone, 72inch x 42inch in the south west Transept before the steps of the Choir.

Arms: These are meant apparently for or two bars gu. In chief three torteaux for WAKE and an ... estcheon ar stag’s head erased gu. For CRAWFORD of the verse.

"M.S. Edvardi WAKE, S.T.P. hugus ecclesiae LincolniensisPraebendarii nec non de Whitthamsted in agro Hertfordiensi, Rectoris uxorem habuit Mariam Filiam unicam Jacobi CRAWFORD S.T.P. ex qua tres Filios et quatuor Filias reliquit Superstites. Obiit Septimo Die Novembris Anno 1732. Aetatis 68.

Rubbed August 6 1928 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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