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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Elisabeth CORNWALL  1737  Canterbury Cathedral

The medallion is 23½inch in diameter and is cut in relief on a blue marble ledger stone, 78inch x 39inch, situated on the west side of the Cloisters close to the door of the Martyrdom.

Arms: Ar a lion rampant gu. crowned, or, within a bordure sa. bezantée for CORNWALL.

H.S.E. Elisabeth CORNWALL Filia Tho. Goodhew, Mercator, Lond. Relicta Danielis Cornwall, Generosi Huie [erat cura] scien[tiam investigandi] [Etiam salutis Periculo ht felix erat et morum suavitate Et Ingenii Aeumine Ita felicior ob charitatum in egenos ob Pietatem in Drum Animam Deo reddidit] Decr 1737. Aetat 39.

The portions of the inscription within brackets are now illegible and have been restored from Mr Cooper’s Inscriptions in Canterbury Cathedral.

Rubbed February 6, 1926 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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