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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

William AYERST  1765  Canterbury Cathedral

The medallion is 17inch in diameter and is cut in relief on a blue marble ledger stone, 79inch x 39inch in the south Transept. It is the third slab from the South door on the west side.

Arms: Ar, on a bend engr. az. A sun in chief or, and an eagle, wings elevated, of the field, in base in the sinister chief point a cross flory gu. for AYERST impaling ... per pale [The tinctures are those given by Berry "Encycl. Heraldicainch].

Beneath are deposited the Remains of Willm AYERST, D.D. A person of distinguished abilities & merit both as a Divine & a Man of Business. He sustained with great Credit the Character of Chaplain in the Reigns of Q. Anne & K. George I & in recompence for his faithful service was advanced by ye latter of those Princes to a Prebend in this Church. He enjoyed that Preferment 40 Years and by his singular diligence in the duties of a Retired Life maintained the Reputation which he had acquired in his Publick Employment. He died May 9 1765 Aged 81years.

Note: An account of Dr Ayerst is given by Hasted, Ed. 1801, Vol xii, p66.

Rubbed Nov 1 1924 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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