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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

?Ward - obliterated  1700s  St Nicholas Church, Sandhurst

The medallion measures 23½inch x 19inch and is cut on an alter tomb in the churchyard opposite the west door of the church.

Arms: A cross flory in the first quarter a lion rampant. Crest: A demi-lion remp. Holding a cross-crosslet fitchee.

The inscription has been obliterated.

Note: Close to this tomb are two others, one to Edward WARD and another to John Ward who died June 10 (?) 1777. Hasted: Hist. Kent says that in the churchyard of Sandhurst is a tombstone for James Ward, who died 1732 aet 83 and Ann his wife who died 1748, aet 95. They had two sons John and Andrew. The arms of Ward were az. a cross flory, or.

Rubbed July 1921 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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Additional information provided by Peter Anderson 4th March 2017

The will of John WARD of Sandhurst (download as a pdf document) at National Archive web site:

Reference: PROB 11/1052/215   Description: Will of John Ward of Sandhurst, Kent   Date: 23 April 1779

A substantial amount of John WARD's property was left to his
" grandson, Edward Collins or Collis the son of my son in law John COLLINS or Collis" … on condition that he took up the surname WARD
Note: John COLLINS married Eliza WARD on 28 April 1758 at Sandhurst. His will (download as a pdf document) at National Archive web site:

Reference: PROB 11/1271/295   Description: Will of John Collins, Gentleman of Sandhurst , Kent
Date: 29 February 1796

John COLLINS refers in this will to his " .. son Edward Collins Ward … he has had an estate given to him to the amount of many thousands by his late grandfather..."

The will of Edward WARD of Sandhurst is also available to download at National Archive website:
Title: Will of Edward Ward of Sandhurst , Kent   Reference: PROB 11/1719/163   Date: 8 December 1826

In this will, Edward WARD confirms by legacies to named siblings/children of John COLLINS that he is the son of John COLLINS and, further, in a Codicil to this will, dated eleventh July 1826, (included as part of the download) he explains the existence of the monument mentioned above:

"…. I revoke the bequest contained in my said will of a share of the residue of my estate in favor (sic) of my nephew John Collins a son of the children of my brother James Collins and do declare that he is to take no benefit under the same but what was intended for him shall go to increase the divisionary shares of the other residuary Legatees having neglected to erect any monumental token in the Church yard at Sandhurst to the memory of my late Grandfather John Ward Gentleman under whose Will I became tenant for life of divers estates and hereditaments with remainder in tail male and of his wife Elizabeth Ward the former of whom as I best recollect died in June one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight aged about eighty four years and the wife the year before at the age of seventy seven years now I do hereby request and direct my Exors to cause such a Tomb or monument to be erected in remembrance of them at the expense of my estate as they may think proper explaining thereon that in pursuance of his Will I then Edward Collins took upon myself and subsequently used the name of Ward in lieu of that of Collins and adopted his coat of arms with the addition of a Crest as registered in the Herald's office and a s depicted in the patent for that purpose and for the alteration of my name …...."

In the will of John WARD, I am unable to find any obligation on James COLLINS to erect such a monument. In fact, he seems only to become a major beneficiary in the event of both his brothers Edward and John predeceasing him and neither leaving a male heir.

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