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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Gulielmi AMHERST  1663?  St Peter's Church, Pembury

The Arms etc. are incised on a blue ledger stone on the north side of the Altar in the Chancel. They measure 22inch x 19.

Arms: AMHURST (as in previous inscription) impaling ar, on a chev. Az. Three garbs or, for CRADOCK. Crest: Dexter: Amhurst (as in previous inscription). Sinister: A ?wild man, crowned, holding in his right hand a sword erect for CRADOCK.

Inter Reliquias Mortes hic sepelitur Corpus Gulielmi AMHERST, genosi (filii natu Maximi Richardi Amherst) de Bayhall in Com. Kent. Armigeri, Gen ex has Luce Migravit Xo Die Decembris Anno Dni 1663 Aetatis suae XXXII. In cujus memoriam Dimina Dorothea Amherst ejus soror charissima hoc posuit Monumentum. Hos jacet hic Juvenum Lachrimas cohihere potestis In Tunulum genitu non comitatis eats/Nati morigeri, cognate, Fratres, Amii/Singula praestiterit munia Fidus erat/Sobrietas, Probitas, Pietas, Prudentia, Candor/Quacque Bonum superiut hunc cohiere vivum/Spiritus in Coelo rumant Corpersque Sepulero/Mandum deferuit, Raptus Amore Dei.

Rubbed December 29, 1917 by Nicholas Eyare Toke

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