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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

BARGRAVE family  1663   St Mary's Church, Patrixbourne

On The Floor, on a black Marble Stone, with this Coat. [Or, on a pale gu. (so hatched but (wrongly) coloured az.). a sword point upwds. arg. hilted or, on a chief az. 3 besls.]. (P.356. Sept.10, 1790) Per totum hoc Sacellum Sparsa est (Generosa Bargraviorum Terra). Cujus Familiae Armigerae, Johannes, Bifrontis Conditor, Et Haeres ejus Robertus, sub Hoc Marmore, unà cum Oxiribus (Jacent). Bello Civili, ex Partibus Regijs, Stetit, et cecidit, FAMILIA (Amen!). Lugens scripsit Filius et Frater Johan (Ecclesiae Xti Cant. Praeb). Johan: haeres, a Ruinis, In ruinas Lapidem posuit (An. Dni M.D.C.L.X.III). Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

Nicholas Eyare Toke notes awaiting full transcription

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