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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Mary FREMO(ULT) 1763 St John the Baptist, Barham

The medallion is 19inch in diameter and is cut in relief on a ledger stone in the Chancel. It is partly concealed in the pew.

Arms: A chevron between three mill rims?. on an escutcheon of pretence, per pale, gu and ar, three griffins segreant or, for NETHERSOLE.

Mary the wife of Samuel FREMO{ULT} Rector of Wootton & Daugher [of] Mr John NETHERSOLE of Barham died June 3 1763. Aged 57. Watch therefore/for ye know not the Day nor the hour/[man] walketh in a vain shadow/and disquieteth himself in vain/[Put] then thy Trust in the Lord/And be doing Good/Blessed is that Servant/Whom his Lord when he cometh/shall find so doing.

Note: The Rev. Samual Fremount was Rector of Wootton from Jan1739-46 until his death in Sept 1779. He was also curate of Barham to which parish he gave in 1753 a chalice of silver which has disappeared. In 1775 he gave an alms dish of silver to All Saints, Canterbury and one to Holy Cross, Canterbury.

Rubbed May 1917

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