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Toke's and others, Heraldic Ledger Stones in Kent churches

Sarah FINCH  1702  St Stephen's Church, Lympne

On a Flat Stone, with this Coat. (Dexter side not drawn, but inscribed FINCH as before, Page 7.11. Per salt. c’changed arg. & gu. 4 ++lets c’changed [Agst. this coat is written] These are Arms of TWYSDEN). Here lieth interr’d The Body of Mrs Sarah, ye Wife of Mr John Finch of This Parish, who departed this Life, Aprill 19th 1702. In The 37th Year of her Age. She had Issue 2 Sons, namely Tilden, who lies interrd at Saltwood; and William who lies in this Church Yard. He died in ye 2d. Year of his Age. Here also lieth ye Body of John Finch of Limpne Gent. Eldest Son to George Finch of Wye, Gent. by Mrs Jane Twysden his First Wife, Daughter to Thomas Twysden of Wye Gent, long since deceased. Baptised in ye Year of Our Lord God 1635, on Michaelmass Day, and was interrd under this Stone 7 Feb. 1707/8. Aged 73. Noted by Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett 1757

Nicholas Eyare Toke notes awaiting full transcription

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