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Glass plate negatives made by Catharine (aka Catherine) Weed Barnes Ward in the K.A.S. Visual Records Collection

Images of Canterbury Cathedral and places in Canterbury published in 
  ‘The Canterbury Pilgrimages’ (Henry Snowden Ward; Adam & Charles Black 1904)

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Facing page 16
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Facing page 16
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Facing page 16
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Facing page 24
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Facing page 24
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Facing page 24
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Facing page 24
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Facing page 40
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Facing page 56
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Facing page 56
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Facing page 56
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Facing page 64
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Facing page 160
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Facing page 160
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Facing page 160
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Facing page 160
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Facing page 184
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Facing page 213
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Facing page 288
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Facing page 288
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Facing page 288
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Facing page 

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