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Activities carried out in 2013

This update highlights the work carried out by the education organisations benefiting from KAS grants in 2013. Find out about: Local and international work carried out by Marion Green and the Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s Education Service, including an update on the CAT Kit resources and the European Boat 1550 BC Project; Exciting hands-on events and exceptional learning resources created by Ges Moody and the Trust for Thanet Archaeology; Amazing variety of activities provided for young people in Kent as members of the Young Archaeologists’ Club in the Canterbury and North Downs Branches, led by Abby Guinness and Lyn Palmer; Also included in this update is information about the activities provided by the Canterbury City Council's Museums Education Service. Click on links below (open as a PDF)


Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s Education Service - 2013

Trust for Thanet Archaeology - 2013

Canterbury Young Archaeologists’ Club - 2013

North Downs Young Archaeologists’ Club - 2013

Canterbury City Council's Museums Education Service - 2013

Further information - 2013




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